1.9 TDI engine - breakdowns, Volkswagen, Audi, Škoda, Seat


1.9 TDI engine

Although considered to be 1.9 TDI The motor is durable and reliable, it is worth knowing what to expect symptoms and breakdowns.

Engine 1.9 is considered to be the most reliable TDI with 90 hp with Bosch pump. This is because of the very simple structure. However, even in it there are some elements that can cause problems. These are mainly turbines, EGR valves, flowmeters and injectors, and vacuum hoses should also be observed.
In newer versions 1.9 TDI engine appeared solutions that expanded the list. There is a variable geometry turbine, flywheel, nozzles, soot particle filter, alternator and some additional sensors.
The most serious omission 1.9 TDI of the engine is no doubt firing a gear belt. The culprit is often the failure to comply with the timing belt replacement.
Most of these failures are inevitable over time.

The reasons for the loss of power can be different. One of the first things to pay attention to is to check the tightness of the suction system. A particularly negative impact on the performance of a car with a 1.9 TDI engine can occur due to air leaks on the hoses between the turbine and the intake manifold - for example in the area of ​​the intercooler, mounted in almost all versions of the 1.9 TDI engine. The most common reason for a large drop in engine power is one of two elements - the EGR valve or flow meter.

Timing Belt - 1.9 TDI engine

In the case of a 1.9 TDI injector pump system, you must adhere strictly to the timing belt replacement interval. But what should I do if it already breaks? Then repair costs can quickly exceed the price of the engine in the secondary market. In the case of a 1.9 TDI engine timing belt failure, valve and piston collisions may occur, then damaged valves should be replaced. Unfortunately, piston damage can also occur, and in extreme cases, even breaking the engine block.
With the 1.9 TDI engine, the timing belt replacement intervals are substantially different and range from 60000 km to 120000 km, depending on the engine generation. When you buy a car with a 1.9 TDI engine, it is best to replace the timing belt immediately.


EGR valve - 1.9 TDI engine

Typical symptoms of EGR valve failure are loss of power and exhaust smoke. EGR valve failure can be due to mechanical wear or deposition of large amounts of soot on the valve. With the 1.9 TDI engine, there are several versions of the EGR valve. Before deciding to replace the EGR valve, you must be sure that the reason is not a N75 valve defect.

Flow meter - 1.9 TDI engine

The engine has no dynamics, increased fuel consumption, the engine is slow. The problem is with the damaged flowmeter. The ECU of the engine does not know how much air is entering the engine and is not able to properly control the engine. The flowmeter is often the first suspect in a case, such as a decrease in engine power. However, before deciding on a replacement, it is good to see if it is really the root cause of the problem.

Valve actuators - 1.9 TDI engine

Wear of hydraulic valves is indicated by noisy valves. The only cure is to replace it with a new one. This is best done when changing the timing belt, as you must unburden the engine when replacing the valve lift.

Valve N75

The car loses power, interrupts turbine operation uncontrollably. The N75 valve is responsible for regulating the pressure of the charge. When the dirty valve is N75, the turbine is no longer functioning properly. Solution: Sometimes disassembly of the valve helps to disassemble and clean the valve, or it must be replaced.



Turbine failure can be recognized by the increased consumption of engine oil in combination with exhaust smoke, and noise from the turbine is often heard, whistling is heard.
There are two types of turbine in the 1.9 TDI engine. The first is a fixed geometry turbine, it is simpler and easier to service. Another option is a variable geometry (VTG) turbine whose service is more complex.
VTG turbines can lose engine power due to the blades being stuck in the turbine geometry. The blades rotate to increase the pressure at lower RPMs and reduce the pressure at higher engine speeds. When it comes to failure of variable geometry blade control. To protect against the destruction of the turbine, the ECU of the car at overcharging pressure puts the engine into safe mode.
TDI engine with VTG turbine, should not be driven gently and at low revs, it should be regularly "expelled" on the road at higher speeds. If there is a failure of the control, jamming of the wings, the turbine should be removed and cleaned.
The VTG turbine in the 1.9 TDI engine does not work well due to damage to the vacuum control (solenoid valve or hose), which is responsible for changing the geometry of the turbine.
Tip Do not turn off the car immediately after a harsh ride, wait for the turbine to cool.


Nozzle malfunction is noted by giving stronger gas. In extreme cases, the car leaves a cloud of black smoke. With defective nozzles, combustion of the fuel in the cylinder is poor. In addition, there are problems with starting the engine, uneven engine performance, or lack of engine response. It's a sign that it's time for a service lift. After service, the nozzles should work just as well as the new ones.

In order for the elements of the injection system to be in good condition, it is recommended to always use quality fuels - savings in this area quickly prove to be expensive.

The warm engine is difficult to start

The engine is difficult to start when warm, it has to be long to rotate. The computer provides a small dose of fuel to start, need to reprogram the ECU of the engine, insert a new folder of engine operation.

Floating flywheel

The sharp sound during engine shutdown indicates the wear of the floating flywheel. Sometimes there is a metallic idle sound or a clutch shakes. the floating flywheel needs to be replaced and usually involves the need to replace the entire clutch set.


Overview - The 1.9 TDI engine can say a lot of good things: it's creative, very durable, can be dynamic and increases the value of cars sold. However, one should not assume that every car is based on that, diesel is a good investment. There are many cars on the secondary market when 1.9 TDI engines are difficult to exploit and require large investments.


  • milan says:

    I have a problem that the masters could not solve.pasat b5.5 131.only when I reach the intersection when I have to take the gas off it goes off again. It lights up without problems and so there are no rules. sometimes for days, nothing just goes down. repair the nozzles to replace the filters and stop there

  • Drazen Razum says:

    I have a problem on the turbo 1.9 tdi 77 kw, when adding gas the engine shakes and it has started to mix oil into oil now

    • Eldin says:

      The nozzles overflow, or the erasers themselves. A common problem with these engine encodings.

    • Igor says:

      My friend's engine head is gone, it was like that on the Touran, like rubber bands on the nozzles, but when the master disassembled his head he had something to see, I made a complete cylinder head and replaced everything in it, not to mention everything now, only cam is used because the new one is not of good quality, I also replaced the tandem pump and now everything is as it should be. Greeting.

    • Mihael says:

      I guess your nozzles are bad for you and they inject fuel that can’t burn. It can also be a tandem pump.

  • selver says:

    i have a golf 5 1.9 tdi 77 kw i have no problem but i have some more noisy engine work i have replaced the flywheel so it is new under warranty but somehow i am noisy unlike before i stop at the traffic light unheard of for it to work and now the basvosjetjem master says it is great

  • sejdinovic jasmine says:

    when i start the car it works like three pistons, the radio reparation of the nozzle and again all the same problem continues. i go to the nipex saying that the problem on the engine head is below the fourth nozzle. true that on the fourth nozzle the parameter is 2,57 first nozzle in minus 1,56. XNUMX second and third vary. I do not know every master says something else

  • Jovan says:

    I have an Audi a4 b5 2001 with a 1.9 85kw 116hp TDI engine. It shakes when moving, nothing is heard when it is switched off or on. I wanted to ask you if he has a floating flywheel and if so, is it up to him? And I noticed that it was leaking oil onto the egr valve.

  • Dina says:

    The Skoda Octavia 2009 1.9tdi jerks and loses power and sometimes slows itself down and adds speed. What could it be?

  • Nikola says:

    I almost have a shabby phobia 1.9 tdi 74kw in 2003. She started raising my oil level, no traction changes and doing the same as before. The master says the tandem is a cougar. So I'm wondering if his diagnosis is good and if anyone has a similar problem because it smells like valve nozzles to me.

    • Saba says:

      I have a Skoda Octavia 1.9 DTI 2006 and I am curious about where the engine hums from, for example, turning off the throttle or completely letting go when driving from 40 to 50 km, that sound disappears as soon as I hit the clutch. gas and up to 35000 hpm. Greetings

  • sheki says:

    I have saved 19 tdi on the rise loses power and after the right does not pull in and change all hoses eger valve is clean vacuum and replaceable and does not go

  • Saba says:

    I have a Skoda Octavia 1.9 DTI 2006 and I am curious about where the engine hums from, for example, turning off the throttle or completely letting go when driving from 40 to 50 km, that sound disappears as soon as I hit the clutch. gas and up to 35000 hpm. Greetings

    • Adi says:

      VW sharan 1,9 tdi, 85 kw, 115 PS has a problem that it will not exceed 120 km / h and in addition it loses gas from 120 to some 110, then from 110 to 100 km / h and then pulls again and the turbine is cleaned, change the sensors Maf, Map, n75, vacuum hose, suction cleaned… .one friend tells me to reprogram the ECU… .egr blocked…, just not at higher speeds over 2500 rpm

  • zoran says:

    golf 3 tdi 94 years old until warm up no power, big ler gas and flashing heater control lamp, does anyone have a solution

  • Bojan says:

    I have an audi a4 1.9tdi 96kw, the problem appears when driving from 1500 to 2000 rpm, it starts to shake and does not report any diagnostic error

    • Miloš says:

      Greeting. I have a golf 5 1.9TDI. 66kw. 2007god
      You can hear some howling under the hood when I change gears (like an owl slipped me in) earlier it was heard sometimes, now even at low speeds (below 2000), otherwise it does not consume oil yet, was with the master, says that the turbine is at end. Now the question is, is it better to repurpose it or buy a used one?

    • llTsunamill says:

      Greeting. I have a golf 5 1.9TDI. 66kw. 2007god
      The turbine started to howl at low revs. Now mw wondering if it's better to repair or buy a used one?

  • Mrki says:

    I have a VW VENTO 95 year 1.9 TDI. When it is cold during the morning ignition, it will not activate the so-called dry light, it turns off immediately and will not rise to standard, but when it warms up after it starts up great… Does anyone know what it is ?? ?? Thanks in advance

    • Dejan says:

      And I have this problem on the Audi 80 1.9 tdi 94 yr. when it's cold it's not going to hold its gas, it goes out
      until warm. When warmed up, it works properly.
      Does anyone know what's at stake?

  • Lovely says:

    I have a golf 3 1.9 110hp engine shake and feel in the car. I replace the engine mount (gearbox) but again shake. Under low throttle if some gas is added it works flawlessly. I ask what else could be? Greetings from Bitola

  • Baki says:

    Golf 4 tdi 90hp. I have a problem pulling the car to 140 normally as soon as I reach that speed the car automatically switches to safe mode. And after that the car has no power until I start it again and shut it down. The mechanic told me that the flowmeter changed the flowmeter itself the same story, what can be?

  • Count says:

    Respect, Golf V 1.9 TDI, at higher speeds you can feel a strange rough sound, and the engine cannot reach speeds higher than 180 kmh, for some possible reasons?

  • Miloš says:

    The nozzle on the fourth cylinder (1.9TDI, 2002, Skoda) sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, as OBD says. I think the problem is with the connector on the nozzle. Has anyone had this problem so far?

  • Joca says:

    Dirty turbine geometry,
    take off the turbine and clean it

  • Mitoslav says:

    Same symptoms with me, I have an Audi A4 B5 1.9 TDI 85 kw. Dirty turbine wings

  • no less says:

    I have a Passat b5.5… 131 hp
    when i start it in the morning the car has no power in one 5-6 min over 2000 rpm it does not go over and from once like it breaks something and goes without a problem .. when I turn it off and start the same problem ..

  • Young people says:

    Greeting new member of
    I bought an octave 1.9 tdi 77kw a few days ago and I have a big problem with fuel consumption, which is a whopping 10 liters per 70 kilometers, and gasoline doesn't consume it. The fuel hands are like spilling fuel behind. Please help what could be a solid traction engine.

  • Mladen says:

    Greeting new member of
    I bought an octave 1.9 tdi 77kw a few days ago in 2009 and I have a big problem with fuel consumption, which is a whopping 10 liters per 70 kilometers, and gasoline doesn't consume it. The fuel hand is like spilling fuel behind it. Please help what could be a solid traction engine. To mention BC shows I go 10km and on my computer reduce by 20km
    Hello help if anyone has had the same problems

  • Ramiz says:

    I have a wv Sharan 1.9 110 I have a problem with third gear going no more than 70 fourth 80 and something more fifth depends on climbing 110 to 120 towing well when it reaches the specified speed as if it breaks gas change hoses barefoot computer lufmaser vacuum on turbine if someone had such a problem helping me

  • adem says:

    I have a problem, the Passat B6 19 / 77kw has a strong impact when ignited, does anyone know what it is.

  • Simo says:

    golf 4 1.9 tdi red 74kilowat loses power in the hill and smokes.Does anyone know what it is?

  • Zoran says:

    I have a Golf 4 1.9 tdi arlt 150 hp
    When I start the car, it is hot, it is cold and I start and squeeze full throttle as if it has a dumpling and a couple of times, and then it breaks the dumpling and literally goes to the first 100. I changed the N75 valve, repaired the turbine into strings, flow meter also can anyone help me?

  • Ilya says:

    Audi 80 b4 1.9 tdi 66kw electronic bosh. the problem is that when I go I lose strength (I bow) I gain strength for a while. at constant driving at 2.5 - 3,0 revolutions it loses power, it takes a lot of ebb on the ascent to 5 speed, at subtraction and giving the accelerator pedal the force returns. where to look for a defect?

  • Explore says:

    Passat b5 66kw 90hp I have a problem I put a new flow meter on it it works for a day, two and no longer works the car loses power it won't work etc.
    When I turn off the flow meter, the car works normally.
    Does anyone know what the problem is why the flow meter goes so fast?
    Thanks in advance

  • Dragan says:

    Hello, I have a problem with golf.

  • Gojko says:

    Greeting new member of
    Seat leon 1.9 77kw, my turbine went out, it didn't fall into the turaz, something just broke and it threw huge black smoke on the exhaust pipe, after which oil started to leak from the exhaust pipe. a little gas shakes and smokes in all directions, he convinces me that the engine is gone.
    If someone had a similar problem, or someone knows what it's like not to change the engine, it's not cheap

  • Vlado says:

    The Golf V 1.9tdi 77kw emits a cloud of white smoke on the exhaust during the first start or after a day of not starting the engine. The diagnosis shows a problem with the EGR valve, whether anyone has had similar problems
    Thank you in advance

  • Robbery says:

    Has. Problem with golf 4 1.9 tdi 90hp. Suddenly, while driving, I added gas to the maximum, which once happened to me and my piston and cylinder broke. The whole engine was done and the second turbine was replaced. When it adds gas, it emits a cloud of black smoke and its speed is 5-6… I repeat, it happens to me again after processing my head, replacing nozzles, pistons, turbines li is there a way to fix it or throw it away🙂

  • Tihomir B says:

    A4B5 19Tdi, 98 years old, 90 hp, when the minus is cold, it works for a minute and turns off, and then it is difficult to turn it on after a lot of grinding and a lot of black smoke. Later in the day, it starts from the first.
    When it is in the plus, it turns on in the morning and everything works normally.
    Thanks in advance for the help

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