Advertise With Us

We live in a world where advertising stimulates us at every moment of our daily lives: when we walk, travel by public transport, ride a car, and especially when we browse the web through various existing devices. Competition in advertising is growing as we are in a global society where messages are increasingly penetrating and information is increasing minute by minute. We are too stimulated.

Internet advertising enables the promotion of the brand, products and services to millions of people who may become potential customers or those who will recommend you. The benefits of internet marketing are numerous today. Let's start by saying that people just like the ease with which they can shop online. Online presence is a must in this day and age when an average person, occupied with work and daily commitments, simply can't make the time to shop. That is why he will search for the desired service or product on the Internet and, through online advertising and adverts, he comes up with what they need. This type of advertising is necessary today because of this if you want your business to survive in a very competitive market.

There are numerous online platforms through which you can advertise your services or products, many are free, but, what is important when choosing the right place to advertise your business is whether your advertisement, your product or service, reaches the target consumer group.

 Will anyone notice her? This is where we want to help you. Do you know what our site traffic reaches over 1,000,000 visitors annually, and up to 100,000 monthly visitors? And what exactly does that mean and how much can it benefit you? Simply, if you advertise your product or service right with us, it will certainly get a glimpse of a large number of potential customers.

What can we offer you and how much would it cost you? When someone wants to sell their product or service, they usually ask how much money they need to spend to get the ad paid and to attract customers. If you want to build a consumer base at all, you don't need to take advertising as a cost. It is very likely that the cost can be a one-off cost and on the other hand you get a large number of regular customers. And then you will realize that the stake in advertising your business has definitely paid off.

So let's move on to the concrete figures. We offer three ways to present what you have to offer through our site: via graphical display (banner) located on a prominent part of the site, on the homepage or any other side of the site, through a guest post that you create on our own site as well as through link to your site.

Advertising prices:

  • via a guest post on the homepage of the site one-time 100$
  • through a graphical display (banner) of dimensions 300x300px on the homepage of the site monthly 100$
  • through graphical display (banner) of dimensions 300x300px on all other pages / posts of the site monthly 50$
  • through the link to your site on the homepage of the site 50$
  • through the link to your site on all other site pages / posts 25$

If in any way we can help you advertise your business, service or product you offer, contact us and reserve a space on our site for you.