Volkswagen Golf 5 - Troubleshooting

Volkswagen Golf 5

Volkswagen Golf 5

The Volkswagen Golf 5 has improved reliability compared to its predecessor. Problems with Volkswagen Golf 5 occur very rarely. Avoid Volkswagen Golf 5 models manufactured until the summer of 2004. Other models are extremely efficient. Volkswagen is an extremely reliable car.

General information: Volkswagen Golf 5

Manufactured: 2003-2008

Successor: Volkswagen Golf 6

Competition: Opel Astra, Audi A3, Peugeot 306, bmw 1, Renault Megane, Citroen C4

Volkswagen Golf 5

Volkswagen Golf 5


+ Lots of space inside the vehicle. Large internal dimension. The five-door model has a large rear door, easy access to the rear seats.

+ Driving characteristics

+ Steering wheel position: fine-tuned. Driver's seat adjustable in very large range.

+ Braking

+ Fine download

+ Reliability


- 3-door version. Front seats on 3-door models: after switching on, the seats do not return to their original settings.

- diesel engines noisy at idle and during acceleration

- error in electronics in the first models (2003)

- Avoid the first model until 2004

Golf 5 problems and failures

This generation has grown up over a previous one whose career has been marred by numerous weaknesses. In the first production models, they were free from the worries of electronic devices, but certainly irritating, and small mechanical failures.

Volkswagen Golf 5

Vw Golf 5

Serious breakdowns - Golf 5

- Golf TDI engines. In some models (especially in the Golf 1.9 TDI produced until 2004), problems with the turbine.

- Golf 2.0 TDI engine (140). On models manufactured up to August 2005, there is a risk of a cracked cylinder head at one of the clamping points towards the engine block. Causes oil to pass into the coolant. Risk of engine damage if the driver continues to drive despite the warning light on the instrument panel. Risk of engine damage mainly if the driver continues to drive despite the warning light on the instrument panel. If a fault is found, the owner must usually replace the cylinder head. These problems have already been solved in most cases.

Other errors and drawbacks - Volskwagen Golf 5

- Vw Golf FSI engines (direct injection). On models manufactured up to 2005, the engine malfunctioning light, very poor performance, caused the exhaust gas recycling circuit or electronic engine control unit.

-TDI engines. Some cases of problems with the ECU engine, including the 2.0 TDI: the engine enters safety mode, with reduced performance. It can be "refreshed" carefree after a few minutes with the ignition off or reprogramming is required.

- Golf 1.9 TDI and 2.0 TDI (105, 140) engines. The sound of an engine idling (often too difficult to determine) causes vibrations. The feeling that the engine is running "on three cylinders." Caused by the engine management system, wrong dose of injector flow from the computer). Cure: reprogramming using a new application.

- Golf TDI gearbox (since June 2004). Hard to reverse.

- Front tires - in some Volkswagen Golf 5 models manufactured up to 2005, uneven wear. Poorly set trap in the factory.

- Rear tires; especially in Volkswagen Golf models manufactured up to 2005, the phenomenon causes noise.


- Noise. On models manufactured until March 2004, there was a deviation of the glass strip (side), which leads to noise in the cabin.

- The lights. On models manufactured up to July 2004, there is condensation of the headlights (and in some cases the taillights). The headlights also lose transparency and become matte.

- On models manufactured before May 2004, there are sometimes minor irregularities in the installation of the instrument panel (mounted on the left). In these cases, there are "crickets" in the interior.


- Electric windows. On Volkswagen Golf models manufactured until 2004, there is a period of malfunction of window electronics.

- Radio. On Vw Golf 5 models produced up to 2004, there are unforeseen sound delays - often when listening to CDs.

- Air conditioning. On Volkswagen Golf models manufactured until 2004, there is a malfunction in the electronic temperature and ventilation adjustment.

- Warning lamps. With Volkswagen Golf models manufactured up to 2004, it is possible to turn on the ESP lamps and cause engine failure for no reason. The error is corrected by reprogramming the electronics

- Airbag ECU. On models manufactured up to October 2004, the Lamp lights up for no reason.


- Golf 1.9 (105). On models manufactured from March to August 2004, there is a risk of fuel leaks. Result of faulty pumps and injectors. In March 2005, these models were recalled to address the issue.

- Flywheel. The Golf 2.0 TDI (140), manufactured after December 2005, presents the possibility of a flywheel problem. The result is a loss of hydraulic clutch. Symptoms: Abnormal noise during gear changes. In the summer of 2006, the problem was reviewed and resolved

Vw Golf 5

Recommended Golf 5

Petrol engine: Volkswagen Golf 5 1.4 16V TSI 170 GT 5P,

diesel engine: Volkswagen Golf 5 TDI 105 CH CONFORT 5P


  • renato says:

    1.4 tsi gt 122 hp when accelerating, sounds like whistling are heard, but while the car is standing, you give the gas, nothing is heard… New tires, does that matter

  • ADAM says:


  • Nebojsa says:

    Does anyone have a golf 2008'1.4 petrol 125kw, 170'ks variant I need a picture of the fuse at the front of the battery under the hood

  • Gorani says:

    everything he stated in the text is not so good that golf 5 2.o bad engine is not so bad .nego in serbia is not maintained properly but just sits and drives.

  • Circus says:

    Golf 5 4 × 4 6-speed gearbox buzz, which can be a problem in dr speeds not only can be heard in 6-speed

  • Slave says:

    The trunk does not open at the same time and the rear wiper does not work

  • Nemanja says:

    I'm interested in what the airbags are like in the Golf 5, ie whether they are too hard or not. I ask this because I intend to take this car model and one of my neighbors had an accident with a Golf 4 a year ago and then his airbags were activated which were too hard and hit him so hard in the chest that he immediately got water in his lungs and ended up is at the MMA. I really like the golf 5 model so I am interested in the experience and opinions of other people. Thanks in advance!

  • Branko says:

    Hello, I am interested in the experience with the Golf 5 1.4 gt sport 170 hp. Is the engine more reliable and does it have costly breakdowns?

  • Steve says:

    During the ride about 30 and 80 km
    a single-beam sound is heard as a roar at a uniform speed, whether it is a major malfunction or something else.

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