Vw Golf 4 1997 - 2004 - used, experience, engines, problems

Vw Golf 4

Vw Golf 4

Vw Golf 4 had to correct all its predecessor mistakes and remind Golf 2. There is plenty of space on the front bench, while rear passengers may have problems with leg and head space. The look of the dashboard is real German, everything is in place and every switch is somehow at hand. German quality is proven worldwide, and Golf on all meridians is considered a good car. It is always one step ahead of the competition, despite its higher price and poorer equipment, its original but not overly striking design. It appeals to everyone: older, younger, sportier drivers, but also always at the wheel of precarious women.

Vw Golf 4

The 4-liter Golf 345 is slightly smaller than the competition, while on the other hand there are solid seats that are hard but comfortable enough for longer journeys. It's easy enough to operate and maneuver in tight streets, while on the other side of the road, the steering is straightforward, though not sporty. The body of the Vw Golf 4 is 100% galvanized.

Volkswagen Golf is one of the legendary cars. Particularly popular in the used car market. It continues the tradition of a trusted companion who will not let you down. However, one must be careful before purchasing.

The Volkswagen Golf 4 is one of the most reliable cars. It continues the legacy of previous generations. However, some errors that occurred primarily in the first years of production up to 2000 need to be addressed.

Vw Golf 4 experience - engines

Vw Golf 4

The Golf 4 range of petrol engines starts from 1.4L through 1.6, 1.8, 1.8T, 2.0, 2.3 V5, 2.8V6 to 3.2 V6. The Vw Golf 4 with a basic 1.4-liter engine with 75 hp and 16 valves, does not fit the body of 1160 kg. The better choice is certainly a stronger 1.6 liter unit than the HP. Admittedly, it consumes over 8,5 liters of fuel on average, but that is why it travels more miles before the general than the weakest unit. If you want something more powerful, we recommend a 1.8T with 180hp and even the same without a turbine that adds 30 horses. The average consumption of these models is about 6 liters of unleaded gasoline, but only if you are very gentle on the gas pedal. V5 and V6 gasoline require a deeper pocket as their consumption, according to factory data, is 8 to 10 liters, although this in real terms is easily duplicated. For those with speed, the racial V6 is 2.8 liters and 240 hp.

In diesel, two variants. 1.9 liters with and without turbine (TDI and SDI). Without the help of a turbocharger, the 1.9 diesel develops 67 hp, and with the turbine it has several different models - 90, 100, 110, 130 and even 150 hp. Consumption, according to the factory, is between 4 and 5 liters of Euro diesel, so in reality, and especially in city driving, expect a few liters more.

Golf 4 1.9 TDI

The most popular 1.9 TDI the 1.896 cc displacement unit was offered in several 90 to 150 hp versions. The direct injection engine into the cylinders of VW's pump-injector system is still one of the better ones today. Although more modern Common Rail engines (HDI, JTD, dCi, D-4D) work more evenly and quietly, VW's TDI engines deliver even better performance with the same power consumption. Vibrations and noise are present to a somewhat greater extent than with the engines mentioned above. However, the impressive torque of as much as 320 Nm at just 1.900 rpm (150 bhp version) offers compelling acceleration (up to a hundred in 8,6 seconds), as well as phenomenal mid-speeds that leave even stronger gasoline behind the scenes. Despite its high power, consumption is low and averages 5,4 liters of diesel (factory), while in real driving conditions it is less than 7,0 liters. With us, the most popular TDI version is 110 hp with a maximum torque of 235 Nm at low 1900 rpm. Excellent performance with a pleasantly low consumption of 5,1 liters (factory) puts it on the wish list of every average driver in Serbia.

The engines at Vw Golf 4 are high quality, durable and long lasting. All you have to do is to regularly change the oil and its accessories according to the service manual. With diesel, it is best to change the gear belt to 60000 km, regardless of the service manual that recommends replacing it to 80000 km.

The most common versions of the Golf 4 are the three and five doors. The caravan is marked with variants, while in our cabriolet the version is real exotic. With stronger aggregates, it was possible to get all-wheel drive 4motion, which rounded off the offer. Otherwise, the maintenance price of the Vw Golf 4 is average in class. We have few authorized Volkswagen services, while those in the wild are abundant. Spare parts are excellent, especially of Turkish origin.

Vw Golf 4 Problems And Breakdowns

For Vw Golf 4, keep an eye on the clutch, all electronics, and check the suspension well

Each half has its weak points. With Golf 4, especially with TDI versions, there are frequent problems with the clutch set, and in addition, the dampers are not too long. Statistics say there are often problems with electronics, and too many examples of coolant loss due to porous hoses are worrying. The master brake cylinder has proved to be another weak point, and frequent breakdowns of electric motors for lifting glass are annoying.

Since the Vw Golf 4 is designed for some other roads, strong blocks are often damaged. A regular inspection of the trap concludes that this car is very much feeling the consequences of our good roads. When it comes to TDI engines, among the first on the list of failures is the sensitive flow meter. A high pressure pump can also be easily damaged. EGR is a known drawback of the TDI engine, it gets dirty from oil vapors and cleaning can help in a lighter case, and replacement is needed in more severe cases.

Gasoline engines can have problems due to impurities accumulating on the throttle. 1.6 gasoline has injection problems.

Central locking and power windows are a problem for the entire VW group, so it's no surprise that sometimes they know how to fail. The ECU unit (what we call a computer) can sometimes fail, so pay attention to the uneven operation of the engine.

Suspension has proven to be resilient, but we still recommend checking it when shopping.

Golf owners generally have a positive attitude about their cars.

One of the problems so far is the overheating of the stop light bulbs. The problem is simply solved by replacement; in the case of both lamps being blown, a computer lamp on the instrument panel turns on, signaling that something is seriously wrong. This is done for a reason, the computer automatically lowers the engine power when depressing the brake, and the lack of stop light information puts it in alarm mode. If you have a problem do not despair but change the bulbs and the problem will disappear.

Genuine Golf parts can be expensive if purchased at authorized service centers, but there are so many on waste that are not expensive as well as new parts of dubious quality originating in Turkey.

Otherwise, the maintenance price of the Vw Golf 4 is average in class. We have few authorized Volkswagen services, while those in the wild are abundant. Spare parts are excellent, especially of Turkish origin. Although not the most reliable in the class, the Golf 4 takes some average and is a wise investment.

Check out the most common failures that occur with Vw Golf 4:

Engine failures:
- Vw Golf 4 1.4 petrol engine. The Vw Golf 4 produced after November 2001 has a premature failure of the timing belt. A very common mistake that leads to damage to valves, cylinders or even complete destruction of the engine.
- 1.4 and 1.6 petrol engines. On some models manufactured before 2003, there was a failure of the toothed belt. The repair was partially borne by Volkswagen, depending on age and mileage.
-Vw Golf 4 1.4. The deceleration becomes irregular. Caused by a blockage of the gas unit.
- Gasoline engines 1.4, 1.6, 1.8T and V5 produced in the period from January 2001 to January 2003 had a relatively common coil failure.
- 1.6 petrol engine (8 and 16 valves). On the Golf 4 models produced until 2002, there was a chronic error. There were vibrations in the cabin, which were the result of injection errors.
-Vw Golf 4 1.8 T (150). The Golf GTI model often had problems with damaging the water pump.
- 1.4 diesel engine. Some Vw Golf 4s produced until 2001 had problems with sudden power loss. Mistakes happened after a sudden acceleration. The cause of the problem is a fault in the EGR valve.
- TDI engines. On models manufactured until the spring of 2003, there is a gradual drop in power, as a result of dirt on the air flow sensor to the flow meter. Cleaning is not possible, or it is not efficient, replacement is necessary.
- Vw Golf 4 1.9 TDI (110 hp). On a 4 Vw Golf 1998, there was a malfunction on the turbine or .turbine shaft. The blades actually bend and thus change the geometry. There is a gradual decrease in turbine power and eventually a complete loss of power.
- 1.9 TDI (110, 115, 130 and 150). These engines have problems with the variable turbine. Damage to the blades occurs. For the 115 and 150 models, the turbine also broke and broke down.
- Vw Golf 4 1.9 TDI (115). These engines had in many cases a burst of the cylinder head, it happened before 70000 km. The defect is due to a problem with the engine cylinder.
- Vw Golf 4 1.4 SDI produced until 2001, has problems with the gearbox. There was serious damage to the gearbox, even before 80000 km were covered.
- Vw Golf 4 1.9 TDI (110). On the Vw Golf 4 produced until September 1999, there is a problem of oscillation at start-up. Errors are eliminated by modifying the ECU motor. - Catalyst Golf TDI engines (110) from 1998, was previously worn. Internal ceramics break down quickly. All catalysts have been changed so that the problem is no longer present.

Electronics failures:
- Central locking failure. On Golf 4 models manufactured until 2001, there was a fault on the refueling door release switch, located next to the parking brake.
- On all models, especially until June 2000, there is a frequent failure of the electric window mechanism.
- Air conditioning failure. On some Vw Golf 4s, especially those produced until 2002, there was a malfunction of the air conditioning compressor.
- Instrument panel malfunctions that occur in models manufactured up to 2000. First, interference and then instrument panel interruption.
- Errors in the position of the light that is activated when you open the driver's door. The error occurs with the Vw Golf 4 from 1999 to 2000.
- The buttons on the center console are often stuck.

Other failures:
- central locking Vw Golf 4 1998 - 1999
- Sound from the front seats and cracking from the instrument panel, in the Vw Golf 4 until 1999.
- In the Golf 4 models produced until 2001, there was a deviation of the gear levers.
- Loose air vents for blowing to the feet, Golf 4 manufactured until 2001.

What to check with Golf 4 in particular

1. Set of couplings;
2. Shock absorbers;
3. Coolant hoses;
4. Brake cylinders;
5. Silen Blocks;
6. Flowmeter;


The factory called the owners of the Golf 4 several times to report for service due to belt problems (Vw Golf 4 from June - Dec 1998), problems with the passenger airbag (October - November 2000), corrosion of the axles at the four-wheel drive , for checking ABS system for models without ESP (September 2001 - March 2002). Some specimens made between November and December 1999 replaced the complete engine due to possible premature wear of the piston liner. On some 2001 models. the driver's airbags were replaced. All-wheel drive cars (4motion) made between April 1998 and March 2000 were called for an extraordinary inspection of the suspension brackets. On models from March to September 2001, occasional replacement of the ABS central unit.

Vw Golf 4 prices - inspection of second-hand cars


  • Slobodan Andjelkovic says:

    please help me drive golf 4 1.9 tdi 96 kw 50 years ago I used to drive gasoline for the most part, now I have a problem with going off while driving at reduced speed when I turn or when I want to stop. , various oil lamps, for the alternator and the engine are running. So I drive it 100 to 8 km and it does not go off. After turning it on, he switches it on and I continue to drive it. The master who maintained it drove it for two days and connected it to the computer and turned it off and did not throw any errors on the computer.

  • Velickovic Ljubisa, Ruze Sulman 29 /, 23000 Zrenjanin says:

    please help me. I need information on the maximum permissible weight of a trailer with a crash brake that can be towed by a Golf 4, 1.9 TDi, with 131 hp and 4 × 4 drive.

    With much gratitude cordial greetings

  • Velickovic Ljubisa, Ruze Sulman 29/2, 23000 Zrenjanin says:

    Supplementary questions regarding the towing of a trailer with a collision brake:
    It is a Golf 4, 1.9 TDi Variant, with 131 hp and 4 × 4 drive, or a station wagon that weighs about 1,304 kilograms.

  • Nenad says:

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with golf 4 engine 1.9tdi 66kw 90hp it happens to me lately very often when it's cold it turns on nicely and everything is fine as long as it's hot quickly and it won't start when I leave it 10 15min it starts again normally and on the gurki it lights up half a meter, it just won't when it's hot, have some advice or an assumption that it doesn't happen all the time, but here it is.

  • Dragan says:

    Hello, I have a problem with golf 4.1.9.tdi.96.131.when you work on idle, you hear a loud buzzing and knocking from the gearbox as soon as I press the clutch, nothing is heard, the gearbox is otherwise a flip without a freak, I don't know if I should wash the maniac and pour quality oil

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