Škoda Felicia 1994 - 2001 - Used, engines, failures

Too bad Felicia

Many thin wallet buyers are being unfairly shunned Too bad Feliciu. There are problems, but the car is well made, comfortable and convenient, but safety is not its strong point. Be sure to check for traces of rust, transmission, electronics and suspension.

APPEARANCE - Skoda Felicia

The damage is now considered one of the most reliable cars on the market. However, the situation was not always this way. Felicia is one of the first Škoda to acquire this Czech manufacturer the reputation it enjoys today, although it does not look like a marvel of technology and modern design from the outside. Basically it's not.

Too bad Felicia

Škoda Felicia will delight you with the quality of workmanship and reliability. There is enough space on the rear bench, the driver's position is clear, and the cabin is logically designed. And the trunk is quite large, so in terms of practicality, this car is at the very top of its class. The driving experience itself is good, nothing out of this world and yet quite enough to comfortably transport you wherever you intend.

ENGINES - Škoda Felicia

The basic gasoline has 1,3L and in the weakest variant 54 horses. This LX package does not provide much, and the engine is quite lazy so we move on. The LXi models have a boost of 1,3 to 68 horses which seems much stronger but is not much faster than the weaker one. However, 1,6 with 75 horses is not much more expensive, especially as a half-horse, so we advise him. It is available in GLXi and SLXi models, which also comes with ABS, power steering and metallic paint.

The average consumption for all these engines is about 6 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. Even the 1,9L diesels built into this Felicia do not consume much less and their performance is rather poor and very noisy, yet we remain with the petrol variants.

FAULTS - Skoda Felicia

As we mentioned at the beginning, this is the first Škoda to emerge after the Czech giant's rebirth, so the failures had to be kept to a minimum. There were problems though.

Since this is a pretty old model, beware of any rust that might already appear on the first models that came off the production line. Gearboxes and electronics are not new either, so check all speeds and check all electronic devices properly.

Finally, if you opt for the 1,3 model, check that it is regularly maintained as otherwise the engine head will loosen and this will lead to growing problems.

Too bad Felicia

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