Toyota Corolla E12 2002 - 2007 - Used vehicle

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla E12

The Toyota Corolla (E12) was produced in Europe from 2002 to 2007.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla was offered a "hatchback" variant with three and five doors, a sedan and a five-door station wagon.

In our country, the most common engine is a 1.4 or 1.6 L petrol (98 and 110 hp), and a 2.0 diesel with 90 hp, and a redesign in 2004 introduced a very economical 1.4 diesel with 90 hp, which consumes less than four liters of fuel on the open road!

In terms of gasoline, a better choice is a larger engine, because it offers more temperament and consumes as much as a smaller one, while for diesel, the best choice is the 2.0, which has plenty of power and torque, and consumes about six liters.

Petrols are very reliable, and the more complex diesel engineers have recorded the required service interventions on the turbine, sprinkler and high pressure pump.

You will not regret choosing the model Toyota The Corolla with automatic transmission works just as well as in much more expensive cars, and the manual transmission glides smoothly from gear to gear.

Owners Toyota The Corolla most appreciates its comfort, driving dynamics and safety features, and are less impressed with the car's design and aesthetics. In terms of performance, opinions differ - some are powerful enough while some would like a Toyota Corolla to have a more powerful engine.

Advantages - Toyota Corolla

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Udobnost
  • Final treatment
  • Lots of security features
  • Reliable

Mane - Toyota Corolla

  • Gasoline engines have a very high oil consumption due to a factory fault on the engine block. The error is resolved by an authorized service center
  • Frequent problems with the actuator for automatic transmission models
  • Common problems with premature failure of alternator bearings
  • The headlamps fade in pre-facelift models
  • Some models have problems with the cabin heater that do not heat up sufficiently

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