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Opel Corsa D

Opel Corsa D

Opel Corsa D Experience

The fourth generation Opel Corsa has been on the market since 2004 under the name Opel Corsa D. It has not been completely redesigned, but one part is based on the Fiat Punto. The outer length increased by 38,1 cm and reached almost four meters. With its crisp appearance and quality interior, it is more advanced than its predecessors and offers more space, comfort and refinement. Opel Corsa D is easy to drive and easy to maneuver, which is essential in city driving.

The Opel Corsa D is available with three and five doors and both look good. The five-door Opel Corsa D is more practical while the three-door looks almost like a coupe.
In 2007, the Opel Corsa was the best-selling small car.

Opel Corsa D

The weakest engine in the Opel Corse D is a three-cylinder 1.0 gasoline engine with 60 hp and a fuel consumption of just 5.6 liters per 100 kilometers. All other engines are four-cylinder: 1.2-, 1.4 petrol engines. The most powerful gasoline engine is the 1.6hp 150 turbo SRi engine, introduced in 2007. Of the diesel engines, the strongest is on offer 1.7 CDTi with 125 hp. The more economical choice is more recent 1.3 CDTi with 75 or 90 hp with only 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Since 2009, a 1.3 CDTI ecoFLEX engine has been available with a fuel consumption of just 3.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

Opel Corsa D

At the Euro NCAP crash test, the Opel Corsa D proved excellent and won five stars. Standard airbags include front airbags, side airbags and air curtains. Standard equipment also includes a CD player, power steering, central locking and ABS.


  • Excellent workmanship
  • Neat interior
  • Safe management
  • Low consumption


  • Increased oil consumption for diesel engines
  • Bumper rust
  • With the 1.3 CDTi engine, an increased amount of fuel oil is possible
  • A small trunk
  • Steering wheel idle
  • With the diesel engine, there is an error when changing gears on the manual transmission
  • Clutch problems with 1.2 engines
  • Too much reflection of the instrument panel in the windshield
  • Noisy driving at higher speeds
  • A faulty air flow sensor can lead to poor and uneven engine operation

What are the most common problems and failures of Opel Corsa and how to solve them?

OPEL CORSA D PETROL 1.0, 1.2, 1.3 
PROBLEM - The brake pedal is hard, blocked or does not return, the brake lights are on continuously, the vehicle starts slowly.
CAUSE - Poor brake pedal regulator bearing production causes the brake pedal to stay down occasionally when depressed.
REPAIR - Replace the brake pedal assembly.

PROBLEM - It is difficult to activate gears.
CAUSE - Clutch center plate blocked on transmission input shaft, lubricant 903970241.
REPAIR - Clean and lubricate the transmission input shaft grooves, refit the transmission.

PROBLEM - 2nd gear or reverse gear do not work.
CAUSE - Particles in the transmission valve block.
REPAIR - Test components, electronics and mechanics and replace if necessary. If no faults are found, replace the transmission valve block.

PROBLEM - Diesel contaminated engine oil, 'service' indicator light illuminates.
CAUSE - The DPF regeneration process is not complete.
REPAIR - Reprogram the engine computer (ECM) with the updated software. Replace engine oil and filter. The service interval indicator should only be reset using the appropriate diagnostic equipment. Access the ECM error memory and clear the error codes.

PROBLEM - Whistling from the turbocharger when releasing the accelerator pedal.
CAUSE - Engine computer software (ECM) error.
REPAIR - Test electronics and mechanics components to eliminate other possible causes. If no error is found, reprogram the engine computer (ECM) with the modified software.

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  • Milian Jovanovic says:


    I need one piece of information regarding the Opel Corsa D 1.3 cdti ecoflex 2010.

    I wonder because there is no indicator of the engine warming up on the instrument panel, how do we know if the engine has warmed up and how much?

    Thank you

    With respect,
    A million

  • Marko says:

    I need help if the Corsa D 1.2 16V often crashes the computer I have a problem with adding gas half the vehicle I changed and nothing

  • Goran says:

    I have a problem with the Corsa D 1.4 petrol 2006 when I start it works at 600 rpm as if it works on 3 pistons and starts the engine error after a few minutes it shuts down and the car works normally some say it's a bomb, what do you think

    • Slave says:

      The same with my opel corsa d 1.2 I changed the spark plugs bombs I cleaned the clapme eger valve and again the same if you found a solution write what will be hello

  • Slave says:

    Opel corsa d 12 same and what did I change the bomb the same thing works as what if you solved the problem and how you write me greetings

  • Dragan says:

    Friends I ask for help
    The lamp showing the battery turns on and off alternately after approximately every two minutes, two minutes on, two off. What should I do

  • Nikola says:

    I have a problem with the Corsa D 1,0 Siren and the rear wiper does not work.
    All fuses work but current does not reach the motors on the rear wiper

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