Alfa Romeo Brera 2006 - 2010 - Used vehicle

Alfa Romeo Brera

Alfa Romeo Brera

Alfa Romeo Brera was produced from 2006 to 2010. It comes in a two-door coupe and a three-door roadster.

The Alfa Romeo Brera is made on the same platform as the Alfa Romeo 159 with which it shares an almost identical look that has not been lost in time and is still one of the most beautifully designed sports cars today. The high waistline and low roofline give the Alfa Romeo Brera an unmistakable coupe attitude, and the triple headlights emphasize the powerful macho look that fits perfectly fits into the car mask. On top of all that, the whipped cream at the end is a dark glass roof that looks brilliant.

Due to the low roofline, taller persons may have difficulty sitting comfortably, but this is partially solved by lowering the seat. The rear seats are very cramped and are only used for short haul.

Visibility to the rear is somewhat limited due to the massive rear roof rack, which is why parking sensors are installed to help keep your tin pet scratched.
For added safety, there are also front and side airbags, curtain airbags and a driver's knee pad.
The standard equipment of the Alfa Romeo Brera includes a trip computer, CD-radio and 16 ′ alloy wheels. The Sky Window model also comes standard with a glass roof.
With accessories, it is possible Alfa Romeo Equip the Brera with xenon headlights, navigation, leather seats and a 570 W audio system.

Of the petrol engines in the Alfa Romeo Brera, 1.75 Tbi with 200 hp, 2.2 JTS with 185 hp and 3.2 V6 JTS with 260 hp are available. Consumption of these engines in mixed driving is about 9.1 - 12.2 L / 100 km.
Of the diesel engines are available 2.0 JTDM of 170 hp and 2.4 JTDM of 200, 210 and 214 hp.
Consumption of these engines in mixed driving is about 6.8 - 8.7 L / 100 km.

Technical characteristics

Manufacturer Alfa Romeo
Model Brera
The year of production 2006. - 2010.
Variants 3-door 2 + 2 Coupé (Brera), 2-door roadster (Spider)
Length 4413 mm
Width 1830 mm
Height 1372 mm
Trunk capacity 300 - 610 L
Curb weight 1720 Kg
Permissible load (kg) 330 Kg
Wheelbase 2525 mm

Advantages - Alfa Romeo Brera

  • Stunning look
  • Wide choice of engines

Mane - Alfa Romeo Brera

  • Crowded rear seats
  • Expensive maintenance
  • Diesel engines require more frequent replacement of the timing belt due to increased wear
  • More common water pump failures in diesel engines
  • Increased wear on the front brake discs - creaks when braking
  • EGR valves become clogged with diesel engines
  • 2.4 JTDM Diesel Engine Power Drop Due to Shielded and Trailed Blades in the Intake Manifold
  • After 150-200 thousand kilometers, the steering rack breaks down
  • Intense front tire wear
  • More intensive use of shock absorbers
  • Frequent problems with the operation of the rear windshield wiper
  • Poorer radio reception in bad weather
  • The car alarm sometimes goes off arbitrarily

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