Opel Tigra II TwinTop 2004 - 2009 used cars, advantages, disadvantages

Opel Tigra II TwinTop

Opel Tigra II TwinTop

Opel The Tigra II TwinTop was produced from 2004 to 2009, and comes in a two-door coupe-convertible variant with a two-part folding metal roof in the style of the Peugeot 206 CC. It is based on the third generation Corsa.Opel Tigra II TwinTop
Considering that it is strictly a two-seater, the comfort of the driver and front passenger is at par. There is plenty of room, even if you are above average high. The shock absorbers do their job well, so the ride is quite comfortable.
The boot capacity is an excellent 440 L.

The interior is classic and transparent, with no superfluous details. The interior itself is mostly leather-clad, with very few traces of ready-to-wear parts.

It comes with four airbags, with Dynamic Stability Control (ESP) as standard, so you don't have to worry about safety as it is a convertible.
The roof is relatively complex, with four hydraulic cylinders, five electric motors and 20 sensors, and as long as you have no problems with it, you can rely on the reliability of this model.

Just like the previous generation, TwinTop is accessible

an with two gasoline engines, 1.4L 90hp and 1.8L 125hp. The diesel engine is available with a 1.3 CDTI 70hp engine.
Consumption of petrol engines in mixed driving ranges from 6.1 - 7.7 L / 100 km, while with 1.3 diesel engines it is 4.3 L / 100 km.

Technical characteristics

Manufacturer Opel
Model Tigra II TwinTop
The year of production 2004. - 2009.
Variants 2-door convertible
Length 3,921 mm
Width 1,685 mm
Height 1,364 mm
Trunk capacity 220 - 440 L
Curb weight 1,235 kg
Permissible load (kg) 300 Kg
Wheelbase 2,491 mm

Advantages - Opel Tigra II TwinTop

  • Great look
  • Quality finish
  • Practical and fun to drive
  • Spacious trunk

Mane - Opel Tigra II TwinTop

  • Poor sports performance
  • Complex roof construction - possible failures on sensors, hydraulic cylinders and electric motors
  • The gearbox has long strokes so there are no quick sporty gear changes
  • Minor problems with electronics, the check-engine light comes on due to fuel problems
  • With 1.3 CDTI engines, there is occasional increased oil consumption
  • The fifth gear semi-automatic transmission is prone to failures, so it is desirable to avoid it
  • Some gasoline models may have problems with the particulate filter
  • Problem with draining water from the ducts under the wiper - water can penetrate inwards at the driver's footrest

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