Vw Passat B5 1998 - 2005 - Used, experience, engine, problems

Vw Passat B5

Vw Passat B5

The Vw Passat B5 has a spacious and comfortable cabin ideal for travel, and the engine list is long. On the other hand, the Vw Passat is not a little cheap to maintain. Price is standard Volkswagenslightly higher than the competition. Make sure you inspect the complete gearbox and gearbox.

With the release of the Vw Passat B5 in 1997, its predecessor was hit hardest, which was still a good car, but at a much lower price.

Vw Passat B5 owners appreciate its build quality, performance and economy the most. Diesel engines are known to be frugal and reliable. Often times, there were 100000 km of Vw Passat owners without service at all. Of course, regular service is a must.

The Volkswagen Passat, which was produced with one redesign (2000) from 1996 to the end of 2005, is one of the most solid cars of its time. Because of this, it was also the most prized sedan of its time, except for premium cars. It was built on the concept of the Audi A6, which provided it with good driving performance and high middle class driving behavior. The most credible Vw Passat B5, by the criteria for used vehicles is the Vw Passat B5 1.9 TDI, and with 90 hp (not 110 hp, although this one is very good quality). This diesel, with direct injection of the first generation, is relatively light-weighted (the most powerful version has 156 hp). With normal maintenance and normal running, these engines easily traveled 350 to 400 thousand kilometers. However, it is important to emphasize that the car is normally maintained and normally driven, as otherwise the engine may be damaged in half a shorter time. On the other hand, such a car (because of its good performance and good consumption is bought by people who travel many kilometers) can have who knows how many miles. Therefore, before buying a used Passat 1.9 TDI, which is also the most expensive in the class, needs to thoroughly determine the veracity of the information being presented. This is another important point - the Passat B5 is on top of high-end theft cars, and you can easily run into a stolen specimen. So this is the first thing to check and if you buy it from a trusted person, it is best to check the paperwork.

COMFORT - Vw Passat B5

The Passat B5 is one of the most sought after, if not the most sought after, at least in the family sedan segment. From the outside, it may not be as appealing as the rugged look, which somehow guarantees longevity even before you step into the cabin.

Inside the Vw Passat B5, there is plenty of space ahead, visibility is excellent, and the driver can easily find the ideal steering position as the steering wheel and seat adjust in height and depth. The cockpit is well positioned, with all controls neatly positioned at the driver's fingertips, the seats are comfortable and the ambiance comfortable. Comfort has taken precedence over sporting ambitions, so the ride is very comfortable and quiet, since the cabin is perfectly tucked in, so a little unwanted noise will come to you. Of the standard equipment that is fitted to all models, there are four airbag and ABS.

ENGINE - Vw Passat B5

Vw Passat B5

Vw Passat B5

As we are used to from Volkswagen, the huge range of Vw Passat B5 engines guarantees the satisfaction of all who choose this model.

Gasoline for the Vw Passat B5 goes from 1,6 to 2,8 V6. The 1,8, 1,8 turbo and 2,0 are the best choices here, and the recommendation is definitely the 2,0 engine. The average consumption is about eight liters of unleaded gasoline which is satisfactory. The larger petrol, 2,3 V5 and 2,8 V6 consume much more, so they should only be considered in case you have no problem with the cash flow. However, diesel engines are the best choice.

Of the other versions we should mention the basic petrol version 1.6, which goes well, does not consume much, is very durable (like the 1,9 TDI). The only downside is the thermostat, which rarely withstands more than 100000 km. However, due to the good price (cheaper than 1.9 TDI) and durability, the purchase is generally worth it. For a turbocharged 1.8T, the turbocharger typically leaves after 120000 km.

Turbo diesel engine 1.9 TDI with 90 bhp is one of the best diesel series on the market. However, such specimens often have significantly more miles than shown. The 90hp version is more recommended for used specimens than the 110hp engine. The more powerful the engine, the more loaded it is, but it is also reinforced in critical places. This is why the main problem on the turbocharger is variable geometry, the stator blades of the turbine that can block due to soot. With 130bhp, it pulls well with an average consumption of just 5,5 liters of diesel. The weaker one has 100 horses and is not fast at close range. The 2,5 V6 diesel is also a good choice if you do not mind a little more consumption and much more expensive registration.

Audi has taken over the multi-link front ladder with aluminum components and full body zinc plating technology.

Model History - Vw Passat B5:

1997: New Vw Passat B5 with 1.6 (100hp), 1.8 (125hp), 1.8T (150hp), 2.8 V6 (174hp) and 1.9 TD (90hp) engines was introduced. All models come with the option of automatic transmission.
October 1998: 1.9 TDI (116 hp, injectors)
1998: The 2.3hp 5 V150 engine debuted. From this year, passenger airbags are a standard option.
1999: A new 2.5hp 6 TDI V150 engine is added to the pallet (six-speed manual or five-speed automatic)
November 2000: Restailing (new front, new taillights). New engines: 2.0 (115 hp), 2.3 V5 20V (170 hp) and 1.9 TDI (130 hp). Withdrawal from the engine 1.8 20V (125 HP)
2001: A redesigned Passat is released with more safety, better equipment and improved driving performance. W8 4.0 (275 bhp) and 2.0 (130 bhp) engine introduced. ESP has been standard equipment since this year.
December 2001: 2.0 20V (131 HP).
December, 2002: 2.3 V5 engine (170 hp).
March, 2004: 2.0 TDI (136 HP).
March, 2005: Premiere Past b6

FAULTS - Vw Passat B5

First on the list of all the problems with the Vw Passat B5 are electronics and the complete trap, so check this out first, and do it well. The gearbox is not as resistant as we are used to with the VW group, especially if it is not regularly maintained, so try all gears. Otherwise, repairing is quite expensive.

The redesigned Vw Passat B5, after 2000, with a strong and economical 1.9 TDI engine represents the best buy Despite its reputation, the Passat B5 as a used car is prone to occasional unplanned service departures. Therefore, when buying, you are looking for a well-preserved model, so chances are that you bought a good, sophisticated and high-reliability car.

It should be ensured that the Vw Passat B5 did not suffer a serious accident (body damage) and it is best to check that the paint is original. The bodywork should be inspected on a crane or duct (the professional eye cannot withstand severe damage then), but then the front joint ball joints (two on each side) should be inspected, since it is a cancer of the previous generation Passat, as well as Audi A4 and A6 .
After all of the above, it is advisable to take a Vw Passat B5 to a diesel engine specialist. Already the engine is idling (it is important that it runs smoothly and does not shake), whether the engine smokes when adding gas and whether it pulls evenly. However, for the relevant conclusion, it is important to measure the compression, ie the pressures in the cylinders, which should be higher than 27 bar, and even. An experienced specialized mechanic will easily assess whether the engine has covered 150000 km, or twice as much. The Passat B5 copes well with bad drivers and long-term operation, of course, if it is regularly maintained.

The coils are the weak point of the Vw Passat B5 1,8 turbo engine so listen to the engine running evenly.

On 1.8T engines, the lubrication system cancels, as soot builds up over time with the turbine oil. Regular cleaning of the oil pump sieve.

The Vw Passat B5 1.8 20V turbo, made from August 2001 to October 2002, can cancel one or more coils.

Vw Passat B5 1.8 20V have a problem with the air flow sensor.

The Vw Passat B5 1.8T, if it has engine ignition problems, hesitates when accelerating and idling improperly, coils can be a problem.

1.8 20V engines - Water pumps initially had a problem with plastic propellers, newer water pumps have metal propellers.

Vw Passat B5 2003. On a 1.8L 4 cylinder engine or 2.8L V6 engine, fuel pump it may stop running and the engine will shut down.

For diesel engines, the weak spots are the turbocharger, the alternator, the flowmeter and the flywheel.

The blue smoke from the Vw Passat B5 exhausts the turbocharger's wear.

On 110 TDI engines, the water temperature sensor and the mass air flow sensor may not work, resulting in increased fuel consumption. Auto-diagnostics can accurately determine sensor failures.

Vw Passat B5 1.9 TDI PD starts poorly, excessive idling of the diesel engine, engine running in forced mode, error read is P1556 - turbine charge pressure did not reach the control limit, engine temperature sensor may need to be changed.

For models made in 2000-2001, the fuel level sensor, the float, may be damaged by poor fuel quality, so the fuel gauge provides incorrect information.

The most complex part of the passat is trap. The upper and lower oscillating shoulders are affected. There are eight of them in addition to the shoulder ends and the ends of the clamps.

Vw Passat B5s manufactured between the second part of 1997 and the first part of 1999 were called to service several times for control of the front suspension struts.

Bad roads in the Vw Pasat B5 lead to rapid decay of the front track. A more robust version of the front ladder was upgraded in 2000.

Seat Belt Problems are Vw Passat's manufactured in 1997.

Airbags have Vw Passat B5 manufactured from December 1997 to April 1998.

There is no corrosion on the body of the Pasat B5, but it gladly attacks the electrical connections. This can lead to interruptions in the operation of various electrical appliances. The real problem with the electrical system is the elements of the central locking and the electrical actuation of the window mechanism.

The headlamp adjusting screws of the Vw Passat B5 corrode, regular lubrication is required to work smoothly.

The drainage chamber, rainwater, below the wiper can block the drainage, and then water can penetrate into the cabin (carpet wet), it can penetrate the servo brakes (start to rust the servo and weaken the brake). It is necessary to check the drainage regularly, for the leaves to accumulate and clog the drainage.

With the Vw Passat B5, the caravan wants to leak the hoses that lead to the rear window sprinkler, leak through the rear wiper motor.

The original pollen filter holder in the ventilation is inadequate, the carrier collapses over time and allows water to penetrate (wet carpet on the passenger side). There is a modified pollen filter holder.

As with most Volkswagen vehicles, malfunctioning of the el. window lifter.

At low temperatures below -20C, the brake booster cannot provide enough auxiliary energy.


The Passat B5 is a family car, wide range of engines, excellent lifts and many accessories. We did not like the fact that gasoline is much thirsty, the price of service and the high price of cars.

On the recommendation of previous Passat B5 owners, if you like dynamic driving, opt for some of the many petrols, as they are diesels to enjoy the ride.

Passat B5 price - used preview


  • Tomislav says:

    I drive a used Passat 1,9 TDI, 85 kw (115 hp), year 2000. Basically everything that has already been said about this vehicle and similar ages is valid, except that there is little experiential data for this type of engine. I am satisfied with the consumption of 6,00 - 6,5 l / 100 km, under normal operating conditions. What was said about the front trap is worth almost everything, it is very complicated to solve and very expensive to maintain. Anyone who drives macadam has to check and inspect certain assemblies and parts more often (I changed parts twice in less than a year: upper and lower carriages, tonsils, balls, stabilizers, etc.). As for the engine, I have not had any problems in 4 years, noting that the fuel filter should be replaced every year before winter and it costs about 25,00 KM.
    Mostly when it comes to price, quality, comfort and consumption, this vehicle is worth the money invested, noting that there really should be a mileage guarantee.

  • said says:

    Regards to all
    i bought a pasat B 5 tdi 2.5 l v6 engine but after two months i stopped not bringing oil when turning it throws oil at the pump but there is half air in the pipe half oil what could be a problem every thought is welcome thanks in advance

  • Aleksa says:

    I drive a passata b5,5 1.9 130hp
    I have a problem in driving when I drive it for a little longer period of time for example 2300 rpm (means in the turbine) as if it loses power and turns off the turbine and then as SDI goes and accelerates no matter at what speed and so on until I turn it off and on ( I repeat the contact) then everything will be normal again until the next longer drive with the turbine open… can there be any help and what is it about?
    Thank you

  • Marko says:

    Probably the geometry of the turbine is locked, overfilled and then the engine goes into safe mode to avoid damage.

  • Vedat Bijedic says:

    I have a 2000 Passat station wagon. When I refuel to the front the top leaks down the pipe outside. When it is used up a bit (up to the first line on the display) the leak stops. What is the cause?

  • seller says:

    I have a Passat B5.5 135hp 96kw 1,9TDI 2002 year old station wagon, the problem is when I reach 120kmh in fifth gear and up to 3000 rpm and the throttle itself decreases when I stop somewhere on the road and turn off the car then turn it on again and it works normally. Does anyone similar know this problem

  • Dejan says:

    I have a problem with the Passat b5, 1.8 ADR gas engine 1997 year at idle uneven operation does not keep revs in driving the hiccups. When switched off (complete installation-cables to petrol gas nozzles) it works normally. I changed the coil, the complete installation (gas), the gas computer, the gas nozzles, the gas damper, the thermostat, etc. and nothing.
    did anyone have similar problems? What could be the problem?

    • Mladen V says:

      The spark plug gap solved the problem for me. With a 0.7mm factory clearance, I periodically tested the Bosna spark plug to 0.35mm where I have not had any problems so far.

  • Stevan says:

    I have a Passat b5 The problem is unlocking the central lock and raising the window. I insert the ignition key, remove the fuse and return it all ok. When I remove the key from the lock I lock ok. I take out the fuse again and put it back in place, everything works normally. If anyone has had such problems or knows, let them answer me. Thank you in advance.

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