Toyota Avensis 3rd gen. (2008 - 2018) - Used car

Toyota Avensis 3nd gen.

Toyota Avensis 3nd gen.

Toyota Avensis is chosen for a reason - it may not be anything special, but it also has no serious flaws.

The manufacturer had a lot to improve on, creating the current Toyota Avensis 3rd gen. The second generation of this model from 2003-2009. however, it has damaged Toyota's reputation as one hundred percent reliable car. However, this is a thing of the past The Toyota Avensis 3 is really much better.

Toyota Avensis 3

The problem is that it will soon be 10 years since the debut of the Toyota Avensis 3rd gen. , and the heir is not visible.

The Toyota Avensis is not one of the most isolated. It has the least wheelbase compared to its competitors Honda accord i Mazda 6, and the interior is narrower by 8 cm from the cabin of the Mazda. That doesn’t mean it’s tight, but it’s far from a class leader like the Skoda Superb. A big advantage for those driving behind is the flat floor - the central tunnel is completely eliminated.

Toyota Avensis 3nd gen.

Toyota Avensis 3

Unfortunately, unlike the previous two generations, the current Avensis no longer exists as a 5-door hatchback.

The body is protected against corrosion, including particularly sensitive wheel arches, which are covered by a special mass.

Engines - Toyota Avensis 3

All gasoline engines come from the ZR series. These are other units than the Avensis II: none have direct fuel injection (even 2.0). So you can install LPG: the van holds up to a 70 liter cylinder. However, due to complicated engine control, you have to consider installation costs. Gasoline engines work well with the Multidrive S transmission, the transmission runs smoothly.

Gasoline engine defects are rare. After high mileage, it may sometimes be necessary to replace the drive chain and possibly add up to a liter of oil between oil changes.

The weak point of engine 1.8 is the cooling pump. It is powered by a PK belt.

By 2015, all Avensis diesels come from the Toyota concern: this is a 2.0-liter 2.0 D-4D unit and a more powerful 2.2 D-4D / D-CAT. In 2010, the 2.0 D-4D engine was upgraded, reducing power by 2 hp but eliminating the risk of failure.

Toyota didn't use a DPF filter in the 2.0 D-4D engine until fasting was mandatory - so it can have a 2010 used car without a particulate filter.

The 2.0 performance does not impress, but now there are half-carats that have traveled 300.000 km without any failure. There may be a problem with the transmission, but this is where the driver bears the blame, believing that the oil in the transmission should not be replaced.

In 2015, the BMW diesel engines were introduced.

Toyota Avensis 3rd gen. - Engines

1.8 V-MATIC 2.0 V-MATIC 1.6 D 4D 2.0 D 4D
2.0 D 4D 2.2 D-CAT
Years of production from 2008 from 2008 from 2008 from 2015 2010-2015 from 2015 2008-2015
Engine identification
Motor petrol petrol petrol turbodiesel turbodiesel turbodiesel turbodiesel
Engine displacement 1598 cm3 1798 cm3 1987 cm3 1598 cm3 1998 cm3 1995 cm3 2231 cm3
Cylinder system / valves R4 / 16 R4 / 16 R4 / 16 R4 / 16 R4 / 16 R4 / 16 R4 / 16
Max. power / rpm 132 HP / 6400 147 HP / 6400 152 HP / 6200 112 HP / 4000 124 HP / 3600 143 HP / 4000 177 HP / 3600
Max. torque 160 Nm / 4400 180 Nm / 4000 196 Nm / 4000 270 Nm / 1750 310 Nm / 1800 320 Nm / 1750 400 Nm / 2000
Max. speed 200 km/h 200 km/h 205 km/h 180 km/h 200 km/h 200 km/h 220 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h 10,4 s 9,4 s 9,0 s 11,4 s 9,7 s 9,5 s 8,5 s
Average fuel consumption 6,5 l / 100 km 6,5 l / 100 km 6,9 l / 100 km 4,1 l / 100 km 5,4 l / 100 km 4,5 l / 100 km 5,8 l / 100 km

Toyota Avensis 3rd gen. - Model history

2008: Market Premiere of Avensis III
2010: Sales started
2011: first restailing (as 2012 model), new diesel 2.0 D-4D
2015: Another restailing, diesel engine from bmw-a

Toyota Avensis 3

Malfunctions and problems Toyota Avensis 3rd gen.

The electric auxiliary brake does not work. The curve is the moisture that enters the module.
Transmission noise: after higher mileage and most often if the transmission oil has not been changed.
The car pulls to the right. For now, the issue is unresolved.

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