Škoda Superb 2001 - 2008 - Used, engines, breakdowns

Škoda Superb

Škoda Superb

If you are looking for a serious sedan with a lot of space, the Škoda Superb may be the choice for you, although the price would suit a family car instead of a director's car. It's not Mercedes, but the less picky will not notice much difference.


Škoda Superb

Škoda The Superb is one of the better bargains you can buy on the market. Other than the design, which is a little dull and fits the mass, there is not much to worry about.

The interior of the Škoda Superb is perfectly composed, German quality, so expect longevity. There is more than enough room, both front and back. And the trunk is large in size. The controls are well distributed so you won't have too much trouble getting used to where something goes off and off.

The suspension is softly tuned, so expect quite a bit of leaning in curves, especially if the road is a bit worse. And safety is at an enviable level so you will find everything you need to drive safely. The equipment is divided into three categories, Classic, Comfort and Elegance, which also carries semi-leather seats.


Škoda Superb

Of the three gasoline on offer, our choice would fall to the two-liter with 115 hp. The 1,8-horsepower 150-horsepower engine consumes virtually the same, about seven liters unleaded on average, and better towing.

However, the turbine knows to cancel ahead of time, and the larger of the two has proven to be a very resilient and reliable aggregate. The largest gasoline has 2800 cubic meters, six cylinders and 190 horsepower, so it offers very comfortable open-air cruising.

The diesels range from 1,9 liters with a power range of 100 to 130 horses depending on the model. You'll rarely encounter a 2,0 turbo diesel while 2,5 TDI The V6 engine always has a power reserve in case you need it.

We would choose the smallest diesel because it is starting and seems quite sufficient, consuming only five liters of euro diesel on average, at least according to factory data.

Škoda Superb


Skoda has been a very reliable carmaker lately since taking over Volkswagen. However, if you decide on a 1,8T engine you should know that the ignition coil can cancel and this will later cause more serious failures.

Also, the turbine did not prove to be the most durable. If one of the headlights does not work, know that it takes a long time to replace the bulb and lower the price as much as you can. Given the affordable price and the comfort it offers, plenty of Superb's were also taxi drivers' choices, so be careful not to overlook one of these half-size ones.

Advantages - Škoda Superb

  • Very spacious rear seats
  • Good workmanship
  • Rich equipment
  • Udobnost
  • Low price
  • Diesel Engine Consumption

Mane - Škoda Superb

  • 1.9 diesel engines can start fuel pump (until 2004)
  • Sensitive turbochargers on V6 engines
  • Cruise control errors
  • Wind noise
  • Shooting the gasket
  • Loud TDI engines
  • Clogged particulate filter


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