Škoda Roomster 2006 - 2015 - Used car, experience, advantages

Too bad Roomster

Too bad Roomster

    • Manufacturer: Škoda
    • Model: Roomster
    • The year of production: 2006. - 2015.
    • Length: 4205 mm
    • Width: 1867 mm
    • Height: 1607 mm
    • Luggage capacity: 450 l
    • Curb weight: 1180 kg.
    • Wheelbase: 2617 mm


  • Low consumption
  • Good chassis
  • Spaciousness
  • certainty
  • Easy to operate
  • Flexible seats


  • Problems with electric windows
  • Poor radio reception
  • With 1.2-petrol engines, higher oil consumption is possible
  • Damage to the front axle
  • Timing belt replacement is recommended every four years
  • A loud fan
  • Passenger airbag creak (cold)
  • Weak brakes (cold weather)
Too bad Roomster

Too bad Roomster

Too bad Roomster experiences

The Skoda Roomster Monovolumen has been on the market since 2006 and is technically based on the Skoda Octavia and Fabia. Unlike its competitors, Renault Kangoo and the Škoda Roomster has no sliding doors. With the extended floor, the wheelbase has increased, and thus the car's interior. The rear seats are sliding, and the middle rear seat can be taken out so two passengers get extra space during the trip. When the rear seats are lowered, the boot volume is 1780 liters.

The Skoda Roomster is a sedan that provides plenty of comfort and space while driving. In 2010, the Škoda Roomster was redesigned, the front was changed, and so was the interior.
You can choose between three petrol and three diesel engines from the Skoda Roomster engine. The Entry level engine is a 1.2hp three-cylinder 70-liter gasoline engine - a suitable city engine with 6.6 liters consumption. A better choice is the 1.4-liter 85hp petrol engine. The strongest gasoline engine on offer is the 1.6-liter 105hp engine that is the only one available with the Tiptronic automatic transmission. Of the diesel engines we offer 1.4 TDI with 70 hp with 5,3 liters consumption. That same engine is also available with 80 hp and is not only more powerful but also more economical. The strongest diesel engine used in the VW group is vehicles 1.9 TDI engine, but it's quite noisy.
In terms of safety, the Skoda Roomster scored the highest in the Euro NCAP crash test for safety. Since 2009, six airbags (front, side and rear), ABS and stability control have been included in the standard equipment.
Although the body is elevated, the bends are less than expected. On the ride, it proved safe and predictable - ideal for a family car.

Retrieved from: auto-mane.com

Škoda Roomster - Problems and malfunctions

  • 1.2TSI petrol engines suffer from increased oil consumption, which can lead to serious engine damage.
  • 1.2 TSI gasoline engine in vehicles manufactured by 2011, a possible problem with the towing chain, which can cause engine destruction.
  • 1.4 MPI gasoline engines have frequent problems with the injectors, which can lead to reduced engine power and restless engine performance.
  • In some cases, braking is worse (driving in rain and snow, especially in cold weather (). The problem was solved by replacing the vacuum hose on the brake servo.
  • 1.2 TSI Petrol Engines - In some cases, turbocharger problems occur (rattling sound + shutdown).
  • With a diesel engine with a DPF filter, the DPF filter can become "clogged", especially if the vehicle is mostly driven in the city.
  • The appearance of unpleasant sound coming from the steering wheel lock when starting and shutting down the vehicle.
  • In 2006-2008 models. There is a fan failure (malfunction, loud operation), the problem is solved by changing the whole fan.
  • Possible failures of parking sensors, especially during very hot weather.

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