SAVE ON FUEL: Top 10 Tips That Experts Wing From You!

Follow these tips and you will not feel the cost of car maintenance!

After reading this text, you will probably get annoyed when you realize how much money you have thrown away so far due to incorrect maintenance of your pet on four wheels, but look at it from a brighter side: we will help you save the same amount of money in the future.

Most automotive experts agree that if you obey these 10 commandments, you will no longer err on your own pocket.

1. Do not fill the tank to the top!

The moment the petrol handle clicks, your car gets exactly as much fuel as it fits. There’s no need to squeeze the lever two, three more times, to keep the tank full: that fuel will spill and the engine won’t run out, and you’ll still pay for it.

2. Close the lid of the tank well!

Petrol will evaporate if there is an air supply. Due to loose, defective and damaged covers, up to 540 million liters of fuel evaporate annually. Therefore, reject the covers well!

3. Park your car in the garage!

The garage keeps the car warm in winter and cold in summer. This way, you will not waste fuel on heating the car to dissolve the ice from it, nor will you have to heat the air in the summer every time you get in the car.

4. Keep your cool!

When the temperatures are high, it is best to remove the car from the sun, because in addition to heating it, significant amounts of fuel evaporate due to the heat.

5. Pump the tires!

Balance the tires. Unbalanced tires, which have uneven, low pressure, wear faster and provide greater resistance, so the engine must run harder to maintain the desired speed. Low-pressure tires help increase fuel consumption by as much as 15 percent.

6. Check the tire pressure once a month

Tire pressure should be measured when they are cold. The ideal time is right in the morning, when the car was at a standstill and the tires were cold.


7. Maintain engine

A car that has not passed the eco test or has worn out and defective spark plugs can consume up to 30 percent more fuel.

8. Replace air filters

Observe the engine air filters. When leaves, spiders and other dirt accumulate on them, they need to be replaced because they choke the engine. Neat air filters can save you up to 10 percent on fuel. Every time you change the oil, it would be good to change the air filters as well. About every three months.


9. Use quality oil

Using the oil recommended by your car manufacturer can save you 1 to 2 percent of your fuel. Some have emphasized that they are more energy efficient because they contain substances that prevent friction.

10. Do not save on maintenance

Your car will work optimally if you maintain it optimally.


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