Renault Twingo 2007 - 2014 - Used, advantages, disadvantages

Renault Twingo

Renault Twingo

The new Renault Twingo, which launches in 2007, is sportier in appearance, more dynamic and more secure than its predecessor. It has not been completely redesigned; It shares the technological components with the slightly larger Renault Cliom, and from the first generation it retained the rear sliding seats, which provided ample legroom. It is also available as a two-seater, which has been available since 2010 as a new Renault Wind car.

The range of engines has increased with the second generation Renault Twingo. Four petrol engines are available: a 1.2 petrol engine with 58, 76 or 100 hp and a 1.6 16V petrol engine with 102 hp. We offer a 1.5 diesel engine with 64 hp. Gasoline engines consume about 6,2 liters per 100 kilometers, and diesel engines 4 - 5 liters at the same distance.

Renault Twingo

2012.godine Renault Twingo has been redesigned: the lights are more round, the front is also of a different design, and the interior quality is improved. Since 2012, Renaul Twing's standard equipment has been fitted with electric windows, power steering, front and side airbags and central locking. Into security equipment ESP anti-slip is not included and is an additional charge. In the Euro NCAP crash test, he scored four.

Renault Twingo

The top model of the Renaul Twingo GT comes with a leather steering wheel, wipers with rain sensor, sports suspension, automatic lights and tinted windows in the rear windows and rear window.
In city driving, its light steering and easy steering and parking come to the fore. The open road still lacks the feel of a tighter steering wheel and increased rocking makes the ride uncomfortable.

Advantages - Renault Twingo

  • There is enough space for such a small car
  • Rear sliding seats
  • Suitable for city driving
  • Practical interior
  • Low diesel consumption
  • Low cost

Mane - Renault Twingo

  • Noisy engines
  • The basic model comes with little equipment
  • Consumption for gasoline engines is higher than announced
  • On bad roads the back seat is uncomfortable
  • With a 1.2 petrol engine, the water pump can run louder and needs replacement
  • Loud gearbox at higher speeds
  • Poor varnish quality
  • The bumpers are weak and sensitive enough so be careful when parking

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