Renault Scenic 1996 - 2003 - Used vehicle, experience

Renault scenic

Renault scenic

The Renault Megane Scenic was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 1996, as the first compact minivan. He powerfully won the title of 'European car of 1997', and the successful formula will soon be followed by others. It soon loses the Megan prefix, and will be remembered for its solid quality, and many mechanics claim that the first-generation Renault Scenic is better than its successor, with too soft plastic and unreliable electronics, especially models from the last years of production, and such series are the most reliable. Virtue is also a favorable price, and the buyer of a used copy (of course, if he does not buy a 'cat in a bag') can count on a favorable ratio of paid and received.

Renault scenic

Renault scenic

The 1.4 with 95 hp and 1.6 with 109 hp petrol have sensitive coils, located deep in the head, so they fail due to overheating. Obviously, if the car is not forced, there are no such problems.

For a used Renault Scenic be sure to look at the ball joints, silen blocks and front discs, as they are prone to gap or crease. Gasoline versions are more cost effective than the often overpriced turbodiesel (they are cheaper and with less miles), especially when it comes to 1.5 dCi, which is less reliable and durable than 1.9 dCi. The exception is a more powerful diesel engine in perfect condition, but such people are rarely sold.

Of the petrols, the basic 1.4 16V with 95 hp is the best, as it ensures decent performance, with favorable consumption. And the price is the most favorable. Anyone who thinks such an engine is too weak is mistaken. Of course, miracles cannot be expected from him, but for the needs of average drivers and family purposes, he is more than enough. It consumes 6,5 to 9 liters. That, and the general condition of the car, depends a lot on the driving style. It is important that the Renault Scenic, if driven normally and regularly maintained, rarely creates any problems.

That's why a thorough inspection is important, from the body and suspension, to the engine and transmission. Reports from ADAC and Dekre state that the Renault Scenic has problems with the joints and strong front suspension blocks and a rear muffler. There were also problems with the wear of the steering rack, but these problems were not frequent, with thermostats and coils in gasoline engines and air flow meters in diesel engines. Overall reliability is average class.

If you do not have a guarantee when it is replaced, after buying a used one, it is recommended to immediately replace the toothed belt with a spanner and a roller and a coolant pump.

Renault scenic

Renault scenic


Renault Scenic problems and failures

Renault Scenic sometimes an error starts when starting the engine and the engine sometimes shuts itself, a possible problem is a faulty crankshaft position sensor, check and if necessary replace the crankshaft position sensor.

Renault Scenic 1,6- Alternator control indicator, engine noise and auxiliary drive belt noise, see if alternator pulley is damaged and replace alternator pulley if necessary.

All models with 1,5 / 1,9 dCi (K9K / F9Q) engines - cars will not start after replacing the timing belt. A possible problem is incorrect valve phase adjustment after replacing the timing belt. Valve phase misalignment due to camshaft pulley error. Remove the camshaft pulley and check for damage. Replace parts if necessary.

Renault Scenic 1,4 16V - problem poor engine performance and poor driving characteristics. Possible malfunction of one or more coils. Check the coils to confirm the error. Install the modified coil.

Petrol engines can have problems starting the engine, due to the electrical installation of the starter engine touching the exhaust branch, which causes a short to ground. Repair and fasten the starter motor electrical installations.

Renault Scenic engines

1996 – 2003 Feet
Engine designation Engine model Volume cmm Max. power at rpm Max. torque at rpm. Engine design Max. speed
1.4 E7J 1390  55 kW (75 hp) at 6000 107 Nm at 4000 SOHC 160 km / h
1.6 K7M 1598 55 kW (75 hp) at 5000 130 Nm at 3400 SOHC 165 km / h
1.6 K7M 1598 66 kW (90HP) at 5000 137 Nm at 4000 SOHC 170 km / h 
2.0 F3R 1998 84 kW (114HP) at 5400 168 Nm at 4250 SOHC 185 km / h
1.9 d F8Q 1870  48 kW (65HP) at 4500 120 Nm at 2250 SOHC 152 km / h
1.9 dT F8Q 1870 70 kW (95HP) at 4250  176 Nm at 2000 SOHC 174 km / h
1.9dTi F9Q 1870 73 kW (99HP) at 4000 200 Nm at 2000 SOHC 173 km / h
1999 – 2003 Feet
Engine designation Engine model Volume cmm Max. power at rpm  Max. torque at rpm.  Engine design Max. speed
1.4 16V K4J 1390 70 kW (95HP) at 6000 127 Nm at 3750 DOHC 173 km / h
1.6 16V K4M 1598 81 kW (110HP) at 5750 148 Nm at 3750 DOHC 185 km / h
1.8 16V F4P 1783 85 kW (116HP) at 5750 164 Nm at 3500 DOHC 189 km / h
2.0 16V F4R 1998 102 kW (139 hp) at 5500 188 Nm at 3750 DOHC 196 km / h
1.9 d F8Q 1870 47 kW (64HP) at 4500 120 Nm at 2250 SOHC 152 km / h
1.9dTi F9Q 1870 59 kW (80HP) at 4000 160 Nm at 2000 SOHC 162 km / h
1.9dTi F9Q 1870 72 kW (98HP) at 4000 200 Nm at 2250 SOHC 174 km / h
1.9 dCi F9Q 1870 75 kW (102 hp) at 4000 200 Nm at 1500 SOHC 177 km / h
Scenic RX4
Engine designation Engine model Volume cmm Max. power at rpm   Max. torque at rpm.   Engine design  Max. speed 
2.0 16V F4R 1998 102 kW (139 HP) at 5500 188 Nm at 3750 DOHC 180 km / h
1.9 dCi F9Q 1870 75 kW (102 hp) at 4000 200 Nm at 1500 SOHC 160 km / h 



  • xilmo says:

    i have owned reo scenic for five years now and i want to say i'm satisfied but lately i started making traction problems i wanna say he won't get gas

    • Jovan Mijuskovic says:

      Maybe the air flow meter to remove the jack on the air supply between the air filter and the engine is white, my car knew it was thinning and had no power and probably got more fuel than air and was too dry, I left it for 15-20 minutes and then it works, these cars with a petrol engine must not press the accelerator pedal when starting because they usually know how to dry out, the computer does it itself, a person can only do damage if he wants something extra.

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