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Renault 16

Renault 16

One of the most recognizable and successful models in the history of the French manufacturer, Renault 16, was launched in 1965. In the era of limousine domination, the "sixteen" was one of the first family hatchbacks of the middle class.
The Renault 16 had its world premiere in front of the audience at the 1965 Geneva International Auto Show.
At that time, the Renault 16, with its avant-garde design, was a real refreshment in the passenger car segment on the European market.

In one model, the designers combined elegant lines with a spacious cabin, large glass surfaces and a practical five-door trunk that gave better access to luggage space.
Stylistically, the Reno 16 was a major step up from its predecessor, the Frégate model.

The design was signed by Gaston Juchet, but great credit for the creation of the Renault 16 went to the then first man of the company, Pierre Dreyfus, who gave the green light for the development of the car recognizing its great potential.
Essentially, the Renault 16 was created by combining a sedan form with a functional off-vehicle form.

Since it is designed primarily as a family vehicle, much attention has been paid to the luggage space. Thanks to the five doors, as well as the option of folding the backrest and moving and removing the rear seats, the boot volume varied from a minimum of 346 to 1200 liters.
The seats were very practical - they had the possibility of installing a child seat, while the backrests could be folded into a horizontal position, which gave a flat surface and a bed for two people.

When it comes to mechanics, Renault 16 was also ahead of its time.
The car had a front-wheel drive, which was then a rarity for mid-range models, a engine and the gearbox were made of aluminum.

In 1968, the Renault 16 TS (Tourisme Sportif) version appeared on the market, with a number of innovations such as rear window heaters, two-speed windshield wipers and four sprinklers, and the interior rearview mirror had adjustments for daytime or nighttime driving.
The restyling of the 16 Renault 1969 brought a redesign of the headlights and radiator grille, electric sliding windshields and electric sunroof, leather seats…

New improvements followed in 1973, when the Reno 16 in the TX version received a new one engine volume of 1647 cc producing 93 bhp. The drive unit allowed the car to accelerate at 175 km / h.
The Renault 16 was manufactured until 1980 and 15 cars were sold worldwide in 1851502 years.

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