Mercedes C class W204 - Problems and malfunctions

Mercedes C Class W204

Mercedes C Class W204

What are the most common problems and failures of the Mercedes C Class W204 and how to solve them?

Mercedes C class W204 - All models with gear code 722.9, 2009 →.
Issue - Late shift to reverse gear. Difficulty activating the transmission when reverse gear is selected.
Cause -  Transmission Control Module (TCM) software error.
Repair - Perform component, electronics, and mechanical tests (as needed) to eliminate other possible causes. If no error is found: Reprogram the transmission control module (TCM) with the upgraded software. Adjust the TCM by driving a few miles in different road conditions.

Mercedes C class W204 - All models with transmission code 716.
Issue - Difficult to choose 1st gear and reverse gear. Difficulty shifting gears when shifting into a higher gear from 1st to 2nd gear.
Cause -  No speed selector cable set. Clutch center plate blocked on transmission input shaft.
Repair - Check and adjust the speed selector cable. If gear selector cable setting is correct: Remove transmission. Clean and lubricate the transmission input shaft grooves.

Mercedes C class W204 - All models.
Issue - Whimper / friction from tailgate hinge.
Cause -  Insufficient lubrication of the boot lid brake mechanism.
Repair - Lubricate the boot lid brake mechanism.

Mercedes C class W204 - All models.
Issue - Xenon headlights don't work. Stored error codes.
Cause -  Moisture / corrosion on the xenon headlamp multi-connector.
Repair - Check for corrosion on the xenon headlamp multi-connector. Replace the components, if necessary.

Mercedes C class W204 - All models with engine codes 272/273.
Issue - A whimpering / grinding sound from the front of the engine.
Cause -  Auxiliary Drive Belt Guide Belt Defective.
Repair - Remove the auxiliary drive belt. Start the engine. If no more noise is heard, stop the engine. Install a new auxiliary drive belt pulley.

Mercedes C class W204 -  All models with engine code 272.
Issue - Engine Malfunction Indicator (MIL) illuminates. Stored error codes: P0059, P0060, P0063, P0064, P0271, P0272, P0275, P0276.
Cause -  Camshaft Position Actuator (s) (CMP) Defective (s).
Repair - Install the new Camshaft Position (CMP) Actuator (s).

Mercedes C class W204 - All models with engine code 272.
Issue - Camshaft Position Actuator (CMP) Oil Leaks.
Cause -  Defective Camshaft Position Actuator (CMP) Oil Seal.
Repair - Place a new oil ring seal on the camshaft position (CMP) actuator.


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    I would like to hear your opinion on the notor of the Mercedes om651 and the alleged problem with the drive chain at a mileage of less than 100 hp. km. I have read this on some forums, even mentioning not only stretching but also tearing it. Is it true if it is, why didn't Mercedes fix it because that engine was installed in many Mercedes models for several years? Grateful for the possible answer, the owner of the Mercedes with that engine (om 651 from 2013)!

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