Mercedes C-Class Sports Coupe 2001 - 2008 - Used vehicle

Mercedes C Class Sports Coupe

Mercedes C Class Sports Coupe

The Mercedes Benz C-Class under the name Sports Coupe has been available since 2001 and has emerged as an attractive alternative to the BMW 3 Series Compact, and more recently as an alternative BMWThis Series 1 C-Class Sports Coupe is the first Mercedes Benz model to be introduced as a coupe. It has a good design, good driving characteristics, a prestigious name to this day and also still holds the price in the used car market and even those first models from 2001.

The basic engine on offer is the petrol C160 with 122 hp, but its performance does not match the sporty look of the car. The rest of the petrol engines consist of the C180K with 143 hp, the C200K with 163 hp and the C230K with 204 hp. In the model name, the letter "K" means Compressor, and represents a turbocharger on a particular model. The C180K is the first engine on offer worthy of this car and is a lot of fun. If you're looking for even better performance and sportiness, you won't go wrong with the C200K or C230K engines. Diesel engines are available in two variants. C200 CDI with 122 hp and C220 CDI with 150 hp. Both engine variants provide a comfortable ride with enough power and intermediate acceleration and a more economical ride. All models come with a six-speed manual transmission, and a fifth-speed automatic transmission is available as an option. Consumption of petrol engines ranges from 6,5 - 8 l per 100 km, and diesel engines from 5 - 5,5 l at the same distance.

On the ride Mercedes The C-Class Sports Coupe behaves very well whether you drive on a regular road or on a freeway. Driving in the city can be a little cumbersome with heavy steering and hard suspension, but it is never uncomfortable. With a slightly higher and faster load, the car behaves very well in the bends and does not over-bend.

Standard equipment includes power windows, fog lights, cruise control, power steering, heated and electric exterior mirrors, central remote locking, reduced-size spare wheel, sports suspension and tinted car windows. Standard safety equipment includes airbags (driver and passenger + side), anti-skid control, ABS, ESP and alarm. In Euro NCAP test it got the highest rating.

Mercedes C Class Sports Coupe

Technical characteristics

Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Model C Class Sports Coupe
The year of production 2001.-2008.
Variants Cut
Length 4343 mm
Width 1728 mm
Height 1406 mm
Trunk capacity 310 1100-l
Curb weight 1465-1540
Permissible load (kg)
Wheelbase 2715 mm

Advantages - Mercedes C class Sports Coupe

  • Good design
  • Great engines
  • Udobnost
  • Good equipment
  • Good driving performance
  • Great results on a crash test
  • Good reliability
  • A prestigious name

Mane - Mercedes C class Sports Coupe

  • Engine ignition issues are known, so it is recommended to check before purchasing
  • The basic C160 gasoline engine is a little too weak for this car
  • High price
  • Expensive maintenance and services
  • The competing BMW 3 Series Compact has better driving performance
  • A manual transmission might be better
  • Increased tire wear

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