Mercedes-Benz A 2004-2012 - Overview of problems and malfunctions

Mercedes-Benz A

Mercedes-Benz A Class

The first generation Mercedes-Benz And the classes started a revolution. With the second generation, they wanted to solve the problems of the first generation Mercedes A Class and offer greater comfort. The first models were prone to rust. Avoid models with automatic transmission. Overall, the car is very reliable.

Year of production: 2004 - 2012
Restailing: 2008.
Predecessor: Class A
Heir: Class A
Class: small minivan
Competition: Audi A2, Honda jazz, Toyota Yaris Verso
Models: 3 doors and 5 doors
Euro NCAP is 5-star ★★★★ (2005)

Advantages - Mercedes-Benz A class

+ Comfort
+ Pregnancy and high seating
+ Hold the price
+ Security
+ Low fuel consumption in diesel engines

Mane - Mercedes-Benz A class

- Poor equipment
- Corrosion problems on models by mid-2006
- Problems with automatic transmission

Recommendation - Mercedes A class

Gasoline engine: A 150
Diesel engine: A 180 CDI

Mercedes-Benz A

Mercedes A lasa

Review of faults and failures  - Mercedes A class

Mechanics- Mercedes A Class

  • Automatic transmission. A very big problem with the Mercedes A Class is the automatic transmission. The problem occurs on the speed sensor, which causes gearbox problems. Error reporting is often via a computer with the text “Gearbox consult repair shop”. The speed sensor cannot be replaced without replacing the ECU gearbox.
  • Fuel pump failure. Several owners have reported a malfunction on the A150 fuel pump.
  • Diesel engines, which run short distances in the cold, tend to deflate engine heaters faster.

Car body- Mercedes-Benz A class

  • Rust. The biggest weakness of the Mercedes A is its rust doors. The bottom edge of the door and the fifth door are rusty in all models (both 3 door and 5 door models). The problem occurs on models until mid-2006, when the problem was finally resolved.

Electricity - Mercedes-Benz A class

  • Possible problems with the windows.
  • On some models, a fault in the locking system while driving. It doesn't always lock.
  • Check the brake light switch, an "ESP" system error and a tire failure indicator error occur.

Revocation - Mercedes A class

19.12.2005/XNUMX/XNUMX Revocation due to wiper malfunction.

10.11.2008 Cancellation due to speed sensor failure, includes engine safety program.
30.9.2010/XNUMX/XNUMX Revocation due to possible fuel leak.

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