Kia Rio 3 2011-2017 - used, experience, malfunctions

3 Kia Rio
3 Kia Rio

Until 2011, Kia Rio was a boring city-class representative. The image of this car has changed radically with the introduction of the third generation model Kia Rio 3, marked UB. This time, the manufacturer made greater efforts to design the body of the car and create a truly beautiful car. To further attract customers, it offered interesting equipment not only in the richest equipment packages and as many as three body versions, including a 400-liter family sedan with luggage space.

There is a noticeable jump in the quality of Kia's newer models, and the third generation of Rio perfectly reflects that.

The dashboard looks just as good as the body: ergonomic lines are skillfully combined, although some users complain that the air conditioning panel is too low. The touchscreen has appeared in the richer trim levels of cars manufactured after 2014, but handling it during operation is made easier by switches located on the side. In most used Kia you can count on good equipment, including air conditioning, electric and heated mirrors, Bluetooth system, trip computer, multifunction steering wheel.

3 Kia Rio
Kia Rio

The Kia Rio 3 inside is surprisingly spacious, but don't forget that the Rio measures over 4 meters, which is the upper limit for city cars. The affordable trunk in the hatchback has 288 liters, and in the sedan - 400 liters.

Kia Rio 3 - engines

Kia Rio 3 - engine
Kia Rio 3 - engine

Engine offerings in Kia The Rio 3 is based on two petrol and two diesel engines. Gasoline enthusiasts have at their disposal two four-cylinder units with a variable valve control system (CVVT) and a chain as a timing mechanism (1.2 / 86 hp) known from Cee'd 1.4 / 109 hp. The first can be recommended for driving around the city, the second "masters" even at highway speeds, and thanks to the 6-speed gearbox, about 6,5 l / 100 km at 140 km / h is satisfied. After the redesign, the power of the 1.2 engine was reduced to 84 hp. Kia Rio offers a 3-cylinder 1.1 CRDi (75 hp) or a 4-cylinder 1.4 CRDi (90 hp). They are basically maintenance-free (except for typical service activities) and are really economical.

Kia Rio 3 - breakdowns and problems

Kia Rio users usually focus their complaints on poor paint quality, the brake system (uneven brake assist) and corrosion on the exhaust system. Rust also occurs under the window seals. The drivers of the Kia Rio on our roads, should take into account the fact that from time to time we will need to replace silen blocks or stabilizers. In terms of mechanics, the car is driven and no problem, the Koreans did their homework.

3 Kia Rio
3 Kia Rio

Kia Rio used car price - used car review

Kia Rio III - Specifications

Kia Rio III - Dimensions

Length Width Height. 405-438/170-172/146-147 cm
Wheelbase 257 cm
Trunk volume htb 288/925 l, sed 400 l

Kia Rio III - Engines

Motor 1.2 CVVT 1.4 CVVT 1.1 CRDi 1.4 CRDi
Volume 1248 cc 1396 cc 1120 cc 1396 cc
fuel Benz. Benz. turbo-diesel turbo-diesel
Max. power 86 KS 109 KS 75 KS 90 KS
Max. torque 121 Nm 137 Nm 170 Nm 220 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km / h 13,1 s 10,3 s 16,1 s 14,2 s
Max. speed 172 km/h 190 km/h 162 km/h 172 km/h
Average spending 5,0 l / 100 km 5,9 l / 100 km 3,8 l / 100 km 4,3 l / 100 km

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