Kia Ceed 2.gen. 2012 - 2018 - used, experiences, failures

Kia Ceed 2nd gen.
Kia Ceed 2nd gen.
  • Years of production: 2012 - 2018
  • Restailing: 2015.
  • Manufacturer: Kia
  • Previous: Kia Ceed 1st Generation
  • Heir: Kia Ceed 3rd Generation
  • Class: Lower middle class
  • Competitors: Renault megan, VW Golf, Hyundai i30Peugeot 308 Citroen C4, fiat bravo, Opel Astra, Ford Focus, Toyota Auris, Honda Civic
  • Models: 3 and 5 door wagon / hatchback
  • Euro NCAP: ★★★★★ (2012)

Kia Ceed 2.gen. it does not belong to cars that arouse lust, but it is compact - it looks good, it is practical and has successful engines. Durability is also good.

The first generation Kia Ceed (2006-12) changed the perception of the Korean brand in the European market. This is a nice car, but not without flaws - unfortunately, it had a few major problems. The second version of the model (debut 2012) is much better, bigger, more spacious, much more mature than the previous one.

The capacity of the trunk depends on the type of body and in this way: in the 3D version it is 380-1225 l, in the 5d - 380-1318 l, in the station wagon - 528-1642 l.

In everyday use, especially for people who like sporty driving, the steering system may look less precise, and the trap - too soft, but it suppresses bumps on the road well. Also, the operation of the gearbox with 2 clutches is far from ideal. But the engines are not bad.

Kia Ceed 2.gen. - Engine

The base unit 1.4 is an engine taken from its predecessor, but is adapted to stricter exhaust emission standards - it has 100 hp, rarely faces serious problems, although consumption could be slightly lower. We recommend it to people who drive mostly around the city (there is not enough power on fast routes) or fans of LPG installations (it works well).

1.6 GDi / 135 hp (direct fuel injection) and characterized by good efficiency. It's not a bad engine, but in the models from the early years of production (before restyling) there were several cases of turning the bearings on the crankshaft - the masters recommend changing the oil every 10-12 000 km.

Version 1.0 R3 T-GDi debuted in 2015. However, the 1.6 T-GDi / 204 hp engine was reserved for the GT variant - it's not a hot-hatch with breathtaking performance, but it has good equipment, is quite fast and doesn't cost much .

Kia Ceed 2.gen. CRDs are engines that have a simple structure, good durability and are equipped with a particle filter as standard - this is not an excessive load. The 1.6 version is recommended, which has a durable Bosch injection (the 1.4 has Delphi - that's unreliable). With diesel, there is a problem of clogging the sieve in the fuel tank (services know the problem and suggest cleaning them every 30.000 km). It is also recommended to change the oil every 15.000 km, not every 30.000 km, as Kia wants.

Kia Ceed 2nd gen.
Kia Ceed 2nd gen.

Kia Ceed 2.gen. - problems and malfunctions

Several owners report problems with rough and heavy gear changes in vehicles equipped with manual transmissions.

In the case of vehicles equipped with a handbrake on the cable, owners face a gradual release of the handbrake, which may cause the parked vehicle to move. In order to remedy the problem temporarily, it is recommended that the foot brake be pumped before applying the parking brake and be sure to engage the gearbox before leaving the vehicle.

Many electronics errors often occur, most often eliminated by restarting the vehicle.

Common problems with the Start & Stop (ISG) system. The problem is that the system starts slowly or does not work at all.

In the case of diesel engines, problems can also be caused by a poorly regenerated DPF filter.

There are problems with the headlamp blinking effect. The problem is more common with AUTO headlight settings. The problem may be a short circuit.

Problem with loss of engine power, safety mode activated. The problem is with the diesel 1.6 CRDi, and the sieve in the tank is responsible, clogging up every 30-40 km on average.

Shakes the steering wheel during braking, quick wear of the brake pads and discs. Average durability of disks and blocks. Many mechanics recommend using branded replacements.

Kia Ceed Half Price - Used Half Review

Kia Ceed 2nd generation - Petrol engine

Motor 1.0 T-GDI 1.0 T-GDI 1.4 CVVT 1.6 GDI 1.6 T-GDI
Engine - type, number of valves turbo-petrol R3 / 12 turbo-petrol R3 / 12 gasoline R4 / 16 gasoline R4 / 16 turbo-petrol R4 / 16
Engine drive chain chain chain chain chain
Engine volume (cm3) 998 998 1396 1591 1591
Max. engine power (hp) at rpm 100/6000 120/6000 100/5500 135/6300 204/6000
Max. torque (Nm) at rpm 171/1500-4000 171/1500-4000 137/4200 164/4850 265/1750-4500
Top speed (km / h) 185 190 182 195 230
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s) 12,8 11,1 12,8 10,2 7,7
Average consumption (l / 100 km) 6,1/3,9/4,7 6,2/4,2/4,9 7,2/4,6/5,6 6,6/4,4/5,2 9,7/6,1/7,4

Kia Ceed 2nd generation - Diesel engine

Motor 1.4 CRDi 1.6 CRDi 1.6 CRDi 1.6 CRDi
Engine - type / number of valves turbo-diezel R4 / 16 turbo-diezel R4 / 16 turbo-diezel R4 / 16 turbo-diezel R4 / 16
Engine drive chain chain chain chain
Valve regulation DOHC DOHC DOHC DOHC
Engine displacement (cm3) 1396 1582 1582 1582
Max. engine power (hp) at rpm 90/4000 110/4000 128/4000 136/4000
Max. torque (Nm) at rpm 220/1500-2750 260/1900-2750 260/1900-2750 280/1500-3000
Max. speed (km / h) 170 185 197 196
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s) 13,5 11,5 10,9 9,8
Fuel Consumption (l / 100 km) 4,1/3,5/3,7 4,1/3,5/3,7 4,1/3,5/3,7 4,2/3,4/3,6

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