Honda Civic 8 2006 - 2011 - Used car, advantages, disadvantages

Honda Civic

Honda Civic 8

The Honda Civic 8 is produced from 2006 to 2011. The Honda Civic 8 is available as a two-door convertible, a four-door sedan and a three-door hatchback designed primarily for the European market using a simpler rear suspension and a more aggressive look.

As for the equipment, the Honda Civic 8 also comes with different levels of the same. These are DX, DX-G, LX, EX, EX-L and SI.

The exterior of the Honda Civic is aggressively designed, the front grille is made of Plexiglas. The triangular lattice mask is located under the long light assemblies.

If you look at the Honda Civic from the rear, you will immediately notice the dominant spoiler integrated into the rear window, light assemblies made along the entire rear of the car and distinctive triangular exhaust vents whose function is only to raise the sporty impression of the car, while the real exhaust is cleverly hidden behind the bumper.

The interior has excellent ergonomics, finishes, is made using quality materials and very well organized space. Everything is almost perfectly positioned starting from the armrest below which is a deep bulkhead, and there is also a sliding lid bulkhead located in the center console to the transmission. Very good ergonomics are evident in the excellent seating position in front of the steering wheel and the solidly profiled seats.
The air conditioning controls are located on an elevated and separated surface behind the steering wheel, and the controls for the audio system are shifted to the right toward the front passenger. The upper part of the console is reserved for the information display.
The steering wheel is great in the hand and offers a very sleek handling of the car.
It contains auxiliary controls for audio systems and a trip computer.
The instrument panel is built in two levels, with a digital speed indicator and economical driving indicators that inform the driver when to change gears located at the top.

Honda Civic

All models of the Honda Civic 8th generation are equipped with a rich package of equipment already in the serial version, but in addition to much richer standard equipment, the safety aspect has also been significantly improved.
Very rare entry models come with no climate, CD player and alloy wheels, though they have stability controls, a central lock and side air bags.
The SE models come with all the extras and Sport models with larger alloy wheels, more intense lights and aluminum cabin details.
ES models have accessories such as cruise control, dual air conditioning and panoramic roof. EX has satellite navigation and automatic wipers.

The 88hp 1.4 petrol petrol engine offers solid performance if you're not in a hurry, but it's not that common in the used car market. Models with 138hp 1.8 engine are far better and faster.
The Diesel 2.2 also has 138hp, but almost twice as much torque and is far more flexible to drive.
There is also a Type S version 1.8 and 2.2 engines, available only in the three-door version with sports suspension and body kit.
In the end, there is a Type R with 2.0 petrol and 198hp and it is very difficult to determine if this car is better or a Golf GTI.
Of course, diesels are the most economical with an average consumption of about 4,2 liters per 100km. However, smaller gasoline engines are not far off and produce about 4,5 liters.
The 1.8 engine consumes about 5,4 liters per 100km and consumes 7,6l on Type R paper. In realistic situations, spending will go up.

Honda Civic

What to use with a used Honda Civic car?

Honda The Civic is well-rated on owner satisfaction tests, although there have been several complaints.
Interior problems occur with some specimens and different sounds have been reported. In some cases there were also situations where salons were forced to change the lower part of the dashboard.
The exterior also had complaints, condensation under the headlights, parts of the plastic that relaxed and a cover for the year that refused to turn away. Handles are a potential problem, rear suspension and parking brake.
It has also been reported that diesels consume up to a liter of oil per 1000km, without the control light coming on. So check the engine oil level in time.

Advantages - Honda Civic 8

  • Appearance
  • Rich equipment
  • Ergonomics
  • Spaciousness
  • Quality workmanship

Mane - Honda Civic 8

  • Rear visibility
  • Intense wear of rear brake discs and pads
  • Intense front tire wear
  • Higher oil consumption for diesel engines
  • Some gasoline models have corrosion and failure at the fuel pump
  • Frequent clutch problems after 50 km with diesel engines
  • Common turbocharger failures on a diesel engine
  • The rear shock absorbers are loud and not as efficient
  • Rock front sensitive fog lights
  • Due to a factory error when installing the headlight assemblies, the body parts around the headlights are damaged
  • Problems opening the fuel tank door
  • Fault in the wiring of the heaters on diesel 2.2 engines can lead to their burnout


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    I bought a honda civic 8 generation 2.2 cdti.e now i'm wondering if you should do the pk belt spanner pulley service and that. Because it has a chain and it works great nothing is heard. It crossed 220000km and it really works

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