Honda Accord 2008 - 2012 - Used, experience




  • Transmission
  • Rich equipment
  • Final treatment
  • Driving characteristics
  • Spaciousness
  • Udobnost


  • High price
  • A lot of 8th generation drivers have a lot of problems with the “crickets” in the car that are very difficult to define, let alone repair.
  • Some of the initial models had problems with the fuel door, which manifested itself so that they sometimes got stuck and had to try to open it several times to succeed
  • Many users have experienced hand brake problems; so the parking brake was released
  • Common problems with central locking
  • A little harder to park because of the size of the vehicle
  • "Steering" steering servo motor
  • Poor performance on the open road

Honda Accord experiences

The Honda Accord has been manufactured since 2008. And this generation has two different models, one for the US and one for the European market. The eighth generation claims to be the largest and most spacious Honda Accord on offer, along with the most powerful engine this model has ever had. Compared to the previous generation, this Honda is 75mm longer, has a larger wheelbase of 60mm and a height of 25mm. The front grille is slightly revised, which now features two chrome segments, and the front bumper, which houses the revised fog lights, is different. The familiar side lines of the car remain intact, while the rear of the Honda Accord has only been modified so much as to be consistent with the changes to the front of the car.

Higher proportions of exteriors are fully exploited in terms of interiors, and there are also positive dimensional changes compared to the previous generation.
The designers extended the cabin in all directions. The ceiling is 25mm higher, the floor is 15mm lower, and since the axle spacing is 60mm larger, more legroom is available in the rear seats.
The dashboard has a "Honda signature", which has always resulted in high ratings for functionality.
A lot of ergonomic studies have been done to optimize the appearance of the various elements and all the elements related to the provision of information are placed in the same plane, that is, the climate information, the radio CD, and the various settings are at the same level as the instrument panel. so the driver does not have to look down in search of this information, but only left and right allowing for a larger peripheral view of the road ahead, contributing to driving safety.

In terms of safety, the Accord has 6 airbags and an air curtain, ABS, and since 2012 ACE (Advanced Compatibility Engineering), a technology that equally distributes collision energy and bounces it off the cab of a vehicle. This is achieved by steel bending in some parts and remaining rigid in key parts, and another similar technology called G-Force Control Technology (G-Con).

Of the gasoline engines, we offer three four-cylinder engines, 2L of 154 hp, and two 2.4-liter engines of 198 and 203 hp.
Consumption of the weakest gasoline engine (154 bhp) is 6.9L / 100km, and the stronger 8.6L / 100km.

Of the diesel engines we offer 2.2 i-DTEC power 148 hp and consumption 6.2L / 100km, and Type S 2.2 i-DTEC power 178hp with a consumption of 5.6L / 100km.

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