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The seventh generation Honda Accord was produced from 2002 to 2008. It contained two separate models; one for Japanese and European and the other for the US market.

The designer Honda Accord was hit very well, and with the redesign in 2006, it was further refined.
The very modern look of sharp body lines is a major feature of this car.
The lateral lines are accentuated by large sheet metal surfaces and slightly smaller glass panes.
The amount of chrome (retro-designed door open handles, slats around the side windows, trimmed by the engine grille) gives a special atmosphere, which enhances the elegance and aggressiveness of the vehicle.
The rear end of the Honda Accord is massive. It is adorned with a dominant bumper and a relatively high "tail" of the vehicle, so you need to be a little more careful when parking.
The aerodynamic and aggressive appearance of the somewhat defective visually small 16 "alloy wheels tucked under the fenders.

The suspension is accentuated by sporting features and does not detract from comfort that remains high.

The competition's interior is unimaginative, but on the other hand, very transparent and functional.
The sports seats come in a combination of fabric and leather, the steering wheel is covered with “holey” leather, and the center console has a so-called. Carbon look.
The steering wheel controls the radio and cruise control.
The control panel has an "optitron" illumination that is completely in the dark until the key is locked.
The standard-equipped car comes with dual-zone air conditioning so rear-seat passengers can fully enjoy the ride.

In terms of security, Honda The Accord has airbags for the driver and front passenger, side airbags and an air curtain.

Of the gasoline engines we offer 2.0 VTEC power 155 hp and 2.4 power 190 hp. Consumption of lower gasoline is about 9.5 l / 100 km and higher is about 10.5 l / 100 km.
Of the diesel engines we offer 2.2 iCTDi with a power of 140 hp and consumption of about 7 l / 100km.

Advantages - Honda Accord

  • High quality and precise car driving
  • Aerodynamic appearance
  • Spacious
  • With regular care, it can easily achieve 500 km of mileage
  • Made of quality materials
  • Durable motor
  • Dynamic suspension
  • Precision gearbox

Mane - Honda Accord

  • The original parts are peppery expensive
  • The interior looks a bit outdated
  • Higher oil consumption for diesel engines
  • Quick wear on brake discs and pads, especially the rear ones
  • Corrosion occurs on the substrates of the rear brake discs
  • More common turbocharger failures on iCTDi diesel engines
  • Penetration of water into the rear wheel bearings
  • Luggage compartment defects
  • Original speakers often malfunction
  • Common clutch problems with diesel models
  • Frequent cracks in the exhaust system in iCTDi diesel engines
  • Poor paint quality on the bonnet
  • Common boot problems
  • Switching on the ABS control lamp, and everything is fine with it - most often this is due to a faulty pressure sensor
  • On the 2006 models and the initial 2007 models, problems with the rear shock absorbers - bad series mounted
  • 2.2 i-CDTI vehicles not exceeding 40000 km encountered a problem with the clutch starting to slip

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