Still, it is quite easy today to slice up a compilation of your favorite songs and enjoy the ride, however, the journey that the audio technique has crossed was not short or easy and today we will present you with some of the most important inventions and the whole timeline from the idea of ​​in-car radio to mp3 players and 10 speakers. with a woofer in the trunk…


1. The first car radio (1922)

The young electrician George Frost first put the radio in his Ford T. In 1922, though it was not the first car radio, it was the first radio in the car and Frost simply took a large home radio and mounted it next to the left door of his Ford. Although the whole scalamery was large and impractical, it started a revolution ...

The first car radio

2. The First Real Car Radio (1927)

Although it is not known exactly which company first offered the first genuine car radio, it is most likely that it was Automobile Radio Corporation with the 1927 Philco Transistone model. This unit hooked up to the vehicle electrical installation and had one speaker. The problem was that it cost $ 150 at a time when the car cost about $ 650, so you can see why it didn't make much success.

The first real car radio

3. The first mass-produced car radio (1930)

The Galvin Manufacturing Company was able to break with the Victrola 5T71 in the early 110s, which had a slightly lower price tag of $ 130-XNUMX. The device proved to be very popular, so much so that the company decided to change its name and took the word "Motor" and the name of the model "Victrola" and became the famous Motorola.

auto radio

4. The first FM radio (1952)

Although FM waves have been in use since 1933, AM radio has been widely used, both with home radios and for those mounted in cars. However, in 1952, the German company Blaupunkt launched a device that could read FM and AM waves.

auto radio

5. Radio that I am looking for stations (1953)

Just one year after the first FM / AM radio, another famous German company, Becker, presents its famous model Mexico. Some also call it the first premium car radio, and it earned this epithet with top quality craftsmanship, high price and the ability to search stations on its own, which was incredible in those years!

auto radio

6. Turntable in the car (1956)

If for some cars the car was not enough, in 1956 Chrysler also offered the option of a turntable under the dashboard. The idea was interesting but the users encountered the fatal flaws of this solution. The panels constantly skipped over the bumps and could only be listened to singles and not LPs, due to the gramophone dimensions and space limitations.

auto radio

7. The First 8-Track (1965)

Although the turntable in the car proved to be a bad solution, the engineers did not raise their hands and in the mid-sixties an 8 Track player appeared, which I could call the precursor of the audio cassette. It could record about half an hour of music and the whole system was shockproof and reliable in practice. Ford first offered the 8 Track as an option on 1965 models, and very quickly this system became very popular and survived until the XNUMXs.

8. The First Stereo (1968)

Although Becker already earned his place in the history of car audio technology, in 1968, they introduced the Europa II model, which was the first stereo device. The front and rear speakers each had one channel, and soon an upgraded model appeared that split the sound into the left and right sides of the vehicle.

auto radio

9. The first audio cassette (1970)

Philips revolutionized the audio world when it introduced tape in 1970. Not only was the whole device more compact and reliable, users were also able to record their own compilations on cassette and thus fully personalize the entire driving experience. The cassette has become mega popular and in some parts of the world it is still the only audio option for some users (oldschool taxi drivers and truck drivers)…

auto radio

10. First CD (1984)

The beginning of the eighties was the time of a new audio revolution with the first digital audio carrier, the compact disc. Of course, it was only a matter of time before this novelty would be found in the car and the first was Pioneer in 1984 while Sony did it a year later, in 1985. The CD introduced a whole new quality of sound in the car, but the first devices had similar problems like turntables, a couple of decades ago.

auto radio

11. The First MP3 (1998)

The late 3s also brought us the ability to cut discs in our own directing as well as the emergence of MP3 formats. All this led to the first car MP3 player made by Empeg. Today, MPXNUMX players in vehicles are a completely normal thing.

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Text: V.Herbez

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