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Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo

What are the most common Ford Mondeo problems and failures and how to solve them?

Ford Mondeo - ALL MODELS 
PROBLEM - Control indicator illuminates ABS-and.
CAUSE - Damaged front wiring harness of the ABS wheel speed sensor.
REPAIR - Inspect the front of the ABS wheel speed sensor wiring harness for damage. Repair or replace electrical installations.

Ford Mondeo - ALL MODELS 
PROBLEM - Metallic sound from the front wheel when starting in 1st gear or reverse gear.
CAUSE - Clearance between front hub and drive shaft.
REPAIR - Remove the drive shaft from the front hub. Thoroughly clean the drive shaft grooves and apply Loctite 638 to them. Install the drive shaft to the front hub. Install a new drive shaft safety bolt and tighten to the correct torque. DO NOT move the vehicle for 1-2 hours until the sealant has dried.

PROBLEM - Water enters the trunk and the tailgate.
CAUSE - There is no plug on the access opening in the upper inner corner of the tailgate.
REPAIR - Test the water leak on the tailgate to confirm the error. Install the plug to the upper inner corner of the tailgate.

PROBLEM - Transmission oil leakage.
CAUSE - Improperly installed right drive shaft damages the oil seal.
REPAIR - Install a new drive shaft seal. You need to push the drive shaft as far into the transmission as possible. Replace the middle drive shaft bearing nuts and bracket.

Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 
PROBLEM - Engine Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) illuminates. Fuel leaks. Loss of strength.
CAUSE - Damaged or incorrectly installed O-rings on the fuel injector return pipe connector.
REPAIR - Inspect the fuel injector return pipe connector for leaks or damage. Replace the fuel injector return pipes if necessary. Apply a thin layer of lubricant to the O-rings. Install new injector return pipe safety hooks.

Ford Mondeo - DIESEL 2.2 AND PETROL 2,5 WITH 6TH GEAR OF 25/03/10 
PROBLEM - Unable to select speeds.
CAUSE - The selector lever ball joint is dislocated from the selector lever.
REPAIR - Install sealant to the shift lever ball joint bolt threads. Place the ball joint on the gear lever. Tightening torque: 20 ± 3 Nm. Install the selector cable to the selector lever ball joint.

PROBLEM - The CD skips when driving on bad roads.
CAUSE - Incorrectly installed CD cartridge carrier.
REPAIR - Remove the CD changer. Remove the bracket support. Make sure the CD changer brackets are in a vertical position. Adjust if necessary.

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    All these problems have been solved on the facelift version since 2011. … And it would be good to mention that it is an MK4 model because when the text says "all models" it confuses the reader, not everyone can recognize that it means engine models….

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