Fiat Punto 2 1999 - 2007 - used, experience, breakdowns

fiat punto 2

fiat punto 2

The Fiat Punto 2 is extremely practical despite its class. Spacious cabin and quite satisfactory driving characteristics, low fuel consumption, and very affordable. The clutch is known to suffer, especially if it is mostly driven around the city, and in any case avoid refurbished delivery vehicles. Electric servo is known to cause problems.

With its lower-than-average price and young looks, the Fiat Punto 2 has won the supermini car market. The look and lively engines make the Fiat Punto 2 fun, while the wide-ranging Fiat Punto 2 starts from the base three-door model, through the diesel to the sporty Abarth. The build quality is solid, but there are those with high mileage on our roads, so take a good look at what's on offer. Many owners of Fiat Punto 2 have refined their pets in Serbia, buying them abroad from rent-a-car companies. The Fiat Punto 2 car was popular in Europe and has plenty of high mileage models.

The Fiat Punto 2 is a small Fiat city car manufactured since 1993. The first-generation Punto was introduced in September 1993, and went on sale in early 1994 as a replacement for the uno. That generation of punts was also available in the convertible version, and won the European Car of the Year title for 1995. The second generation went on sale in 1999, which received a new emblem to celebrate the centenary of the company, with a new, more contemporary body design including a chassis and interior changed almost completely from the previous model. Also available are units with lower exhaust emissions of 1.2 liters with 60 and 80 hp (16V) as well as durable diesel 1.9 with 60 hp and very good and reliable 1.9 JTD with 80 HP. The strongest engine on offer was the 1.8 16V with 131 hp, which is the rarest bar on our roads. And its design was changed in 2003, the front grille and headlights were changed as well as the rear, got a new, restyled shape, the interior got some styling and color adjustments, and a 1.4 16V 95hp unit was offered. 1.9 JTD with 85 and 100 hp and 1.3 common-rail turbo diesel Multijet with 69 hp and 180 Nm of torque, which is the most interesting for us in this case, while in 2005 a new, third generation, called the Grande Punto was introduced. The second generation of the 2003 Fiat Punto was manufactured under the license in Zastava as Flag 10.

COMFORT - Fiat Punto 2

fiat punto 2

fiat punto 2

The Fiat Punto 2 has plenty of room for the driver, and even the tallest ones can easily sit comfortably. In addition, the rear seats can easily accommodate three more, but provided that the front seats are not fully reclining.
The driver's seat visibility of the Fiat Punto 2 is excellent, the only thing that spoils the impression is the fact that the steering wheel does not adjust in depth, although most users have not complained of discomfort. The trunk is of decent size and proper shape, and the loading threshold is not too high. The rear bench is folded down as needed, and so can carry more cargo.
Gearbox Fiat Punto 2 requires a certain period of habituation, and the controls are somehow scattered around the car, so, for example, the switch for the electric rearview mirror is behind the handbrake and is not easily accessible at all. The driving itself of the Fiat Punto 2 is comfortable, but the body tilting is great.

The carpet on the floor is very thin and of inferior quality, as are the plastic parts of the interior. Even the finish is not at an enviable level, but it is not too pronounced and in most cases corresponds to the amount of money invested in the car.

The anti-corrosion protection of the Fiat Punto 2 is top notch and you will have no problem with corrosion even if the paintwork is damaged on some part of the body.

Fiat Punto has gained the popularity of the masses first of all by the abundance of space it offers in the interior, as well as its usability in various operating conditions. In the front seats, persons above average height will have no problem sitting comfortably. The story of spaciousness also includes a boot that has 297 liters of volume and only lags behind the Citra C3, which has 305 liters of volume. The seats are asymmetrically divisible, so you get 1080 liters of space after folding. Because of this, many of the three-door three-door models have been used as delivery vehicles for various loads and have become passenger versions of the rear seat assembly overnight. If you notice this, bypass this specimen.

When driving, the Fiat Punto 2 is slightly harder to adjust and you can feel the transverse bumps on the road, within the limits of normal for that wheelbase and the size of the car. The seats, especially the front ones, are comfortable and you won't get tired of driving for a long time. The female part of the driver population will especially like the "dual drive" power steering mode, which makes it as easy as possible to turn the steering wheel at the touch of a button marked "city", which is important when parking. It is important to note that at speeds higher than 70 km / h, this system switches itself off for safety reasons.

ENGINE - Fiat Punto 2

fiat punto 2

All engines in the Fiat Punto 2 are mounted transversely, regardless of the version is always the wheel drive on the front axle, which should not surprise anyone at this time. 5 and 6 speed manual and 5 speed automatic transmissions or CVT continuously variable transmissions. The result of the car in Euro NCAP crash tests is decent, it's four stars.

From Fiat Punto 2 gasoline we have a 1200cc variant with 8 or 16 valves. Depending on it, the power varies from 60 to 80 horsepower.
The weaker variant of the Fiat Punto 2 draws very poorly, it is not enough even for the average city driving, and on the hills your hand will be constantly on the gearbox and the engine at high rpm. You will most often encounter a 1.2-valve gasoline engine with 60 hp. It also costs a bit in the event of a crash, bursting the timing belt will cost you the least, since pistons and valves are not likely to be damaged, as would be the case with a more powerful version of gasoline-powered hydraulic valve lifters.
We recommend, if you want a gasoline, stronger, with 80 horses. It pulls well and is lively enough in the city and maintains decent speed on open roads with almost identical average consumption compared to the weaker model.

Later came 1,4 gasoline, and even a sports version with 1,8 engine and 130 horses, which turns this car into a city buzzer.

From Fiat Punto 2 diesel, 1,3 MJTD which is enough for most people with their 70 horses or highly praised 1,9 JTD which develops round 100 hp. The diesel engines on offer are older 1.9 D and more modern and better 1.9 JTD with 80 hp and 196 Nm of torque at low 1500 rpm. Possible problems come from bad fuel, with the EGR valve due to soot buildup, and the injectors getting clogged and the engine running worse. This can be easily handled by an authorized service center. Some models also have crankcase oil leaks, and this should be checked when purchasing.
However, what is the most valuable and best part of the Fiat Punto 2 is the Multijet turbo diesel common-rail 1.3 liter 16-valve unit delivering 69 hp (51 kW) at 4000 rpm, while the maximum engine torque is 180 Nm at 1750 rpm. By the way, this unit also received the international award for the International Engine of the Year 2005 in the world in the class up to 1.4 liters, in the 75 hp (55 kW) version, and is produced even stronger with the variable power turbine of 90 hp (66 hp). kW) to be installed in Grande Punto. At the time of its appearance, this engine was much more advanced than its competitors, and it should be noted that it has no soot filter like other models of the similar category, and fully complies with the Euro 4 standards. Consumption of this engine is extremely small and according to the factory data in the city is only 5.7 liters, on the highway 3.9 while the average 4.5 liters per 100 km. According to our informal calculations, at 100 km in different conditions of light and brisk driving (city, periphery, highway) consumption was about 4.6 liters of Euro diesel.

Fiat Punto 1.3 Multijet service interval is 15 km. The fuel filter, the air conditioner pollen filter, the oil filter, the air filter, the oil are changed and a complete inspection of the vehicle is made. At 000 in addition to the aforementioned replacements, the V-belt expander and V-belt also change, and the high-pressure pump life depends on the quality of the fuel, although most vehicles with this system never have problems with a pump of this type, while problems can sometimes occur after 60 000 km.

The largest engine in the Fiat Punto 2, the 1.9 JTD diesel, previously available with 80 and 85 horsepower and then boosted to 100 hp. At the same time came the much more modern, lighter and more economical 1.3 Multijet with 70 horsepower and zero to 13,4 acceleration in 4,5 seconds, which is a great result, but with an average fuel consumption of XNUMX liters.

Average gasoline consumption is about six liters of unleaded gasoline, and expect diesel below five.

TO BUY Fiat Punto 2:
- interior, the finish is not at an enviable level, so take a good look at the condition of the seat and plastic.
- electricity, the most common problem is the death of fuses and lights in the cabin.
- steering, some Punta models manufactured in `99 have been called for service due to problems with the steering system.
- Pay attention to the correctness of the servo device which is electric at Punta and can fail.
- chassis, the first models came poorly painted. Carefully inspect the entire car, especially the sheet metal joints.
- manual transmission, check transmission and clutch.

FAULTS - Fiat Punto 2

Fiat is not known as the most reliable car manufacturer, but the Fiat Punto is an exception, and although the build quality has been significantly improved, it has not been up to VW standards

The problems that were mostly present with the Fiat Punto 2 during operation were mainly reflected in the already standard "bugs" with electronics (more often in the II series), in some models there were problems with fuel injection in gasoline engines, and in the 1.3 Multijet diesel with increased oil consumption. There have also been reports, albeit rarer, regarding the operation of the coupling, and very rarely in second- and third-degree synchrony, so if the transmission visibly stalls, it is better to give up buying such a vehicle.

Also, problems with the gas potentiometer, throttle, and air pressure sensor at 1.2 16V.
Rattling from the 1.2 16V engine may indicate a problem with the wrong size of the pistons used. Possible problem with the 1.2 8v 60bhp engine head at about 35000 km.
It is essential that you use spark plugs or the ECU can be confused.
Water pump failure can cause gear belt problems.
The engine head problem is common due to blockage of the coolant flow through the sludge due to the internal corrosion of the radiator. It is advisable to replace the coolant every 2 years.

The 1.248 cc diesel engine oil cooler is assembled with an oil filter, using the engine coolant to cool the oil. Check the coolant tank for signs of oil in it, the oil cooler not bursting and the oil entering the coolant.

Possible oil leaks on the valve cover and crankcase - gaskets need to be replaced.

When bearing hum is heard, it can be a problem to diagnose because the alternator and the water pump are close, so it is a problem to determine where the vibration originates.

You do not need to buy a punto with an automatic transmission, because of the transmission electronics defective.

The H7 headlight bulbs of the Fiat Punto 2 are often overheated. It is recommended that you have a spare bulb in your car always ready for replacement. In later models it was solved by the installation of new headlamp covers with ventilation.

Fiat Punto 2 door hinges can cause problems, they need to be greased regularly.


The main advantages of the Fiat Punto 2 are the low cost, high maneuverability in narrow city streets and a rather spacious interior, especially for the 5-door model.

Fiat The Punto 2 is one of the used bestsellers in our country and in the world, primarily because of its low price, large space, and the low maintenance price.

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