Fiat Bravo 2007 - 2014 - Used, advantages, disadvantages

fiat bravo

fiat bravo

In 2007, the second generation Fiat Bravo came on the market and replaced the Fiat Stilo. It is only available as a family five-door hatchback. With its sporty appearance and lower price on the market, it is a competition VW Golf i Ford Focus.

From the critics Fiat The Bravo received praise for the interior, chassis and powerful diesel engine. The standard equipment includes eight airbags, ABS, stability control and air conditioning. The trunk has a volume of 400 liters, while lowering the rear seats gives up to 1175 liters. Of the engines on offer are four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines. Gasoline products from 90 hp to 150 hp, and diesel engines 90 hp - 165 hp.

Unlike its predecessor, the new Fiat Bravo's wear parts are also protected against corrosion. Exhaust, brake pedal performance, lights, steering and axles have often been criticized. Some interior materials appear to be of poor quality. It handles abrupt changes of direction while driving.

Standard equipment includes a Cd radio, front power windows, Dualdrive power steering and anti-lock brakes. The Stair Senior Active package also has air conditioning and fog lights, which also serve as turn lights (the left turn turns on the left and the right fog lights on). The Active Sport package additionally includes 17 inch alloy wheels, sports seats and an exterior body kit. The Dynamic package includes 16-inch alloy wheels, rear power windows and dual-zone air conditioning.

fiat bravo

The luggage compartment volume is 365 l and with the rear seats folded up to 1165 l, this is among the best in the class but the fifth door is very narrow, so it is not practical to put larger objects in the luggage compartment. Also, the edge of the trunk is quite high, which also hinders convenience.
Petrols consume an average of 7,0 liters per 100 km and diesel about 5 liters the same distance.

Advantages - Fiat Bravo

  • Good diesel engines
  • No rust
  • Safe
  • Lively turbo engines
  • Good car design

Mane - Fiat Bravo

  • Strange driver's seat position
  • Svetla
  • Exhaust system
  • The materials in the interior are of poor quality
  • Little leg and knee room in the back seat
  • Narrow heel tailgate
  • The high edge of the boot
  • problems with electronics, less than their predecessors

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