Fiat 1.2 FIRE engine - Fiat 1.2 FIRE engine

Fiat 1.2 FIRE engine

Fiat 1.2 FIRE engine

Fiat's 1.2. The FIRE engine is 1242 cc. It debuted in 3 and had a carburetor in the basic version. 1993 The FIRE engine is equipped with a single point fuel injection (SPI) system from the beginning and then a multi point injection (MPI) system.

In the first phase, the 1,2-liter petrol engine uses a cylinder head with eight valves, and since 1997 - a cylinder head with 16 valves (four valves per cylinder) engine designation "Super Fire". In 1999, production of the single-point injection version ceased, and in 2005, a 8v version of the 65v engine appeared. In 2007, the 1.2 8V appeared with valve control and a power output of 69 hp).

One of the biggest advantages of FIRE engines is their simple design, which can count on a favorable maintenance price and high durability. Engines cover 300000 - 400000 km without major problems.

In order to drive smoothly, you need to follow a few rules. Basically, it is a regular check of the oil level - this applies to both versions and eight and sixteen valves. In addition, many users claim to have a negative experience with Selenia oil: after a change in the brand of oil (of course, with the same parameters), they say with consumption decreases significantly

Although the timing belt replacement interval specified by Fiat at 120000 km, the advice is to reduce it to 80000 - 90000 km. It is worth replacing the water pump then. This is especially true for version 1.2 16V.

Known case of alternator firing. This element is mounted relatively low and the housing is made of very soft material. If the body of the alternator is hot and filled with cold water, it may cause the alternator to crack.

The problem with cars equipped with petrol 1.2 FIRE is also the fact that in most cases they already have high mileage, Point II, Bravo / Bravo or Stylus. In their case, they must be prepared for, for example, problems with the cylinder head gasket or oil leakage from the crankcase and valve cover.

With the 1.2 FIRE engine, you can calculate low consumption, especially in mixed mode it should not exceed 6 l / 100 km (A and B segment models) or 8 l / 100 km (compact). The 8-valve engines, mounted in the Punto, Panda and 500 in the upper rev range are quite slow, while the 16-valve version is also worn with heavy cars such as the Stilo and Bravo / Brava compact.

Problems with the gas valve that can get dirty quickly - the symptoms are varying speed and stopping during acceleration. Sometimes a malfunction with the throttle position sensor.


1.2 The FIRE engine is relatively simple and has good durability. Of course, it's not completely error free, but it doesn't cost much to maintain.

Many Fiat 500 and Grande Punto owners will be surprised to hear that the engine under the hood of their car was made nearly 30 years ago. The Fire Engine family has been so successful that instead of introducing new engines, Fiat is focused on modernizing what it had.

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