Do not hesitate to replace the brake pads

Many drivers delay replacing car parts for as long as possible. However, there comes a time when further delays result in not only permanent damage to the car, but also a threat to safety. The brake pads are a perfect example.

Delaying the replacement of parts very often is a truly obvious saving. Postponing the costs for a month can result in the fact that when we finally show up at the mechanic, the repair costs will be much higher than at the time of the first signs of trouble.

Excessive use of brake pads leads to friction metal metal. As a result, the metal part of the tile, i.e. bearing the part of the plate, it begins to rub against the brake disc causing its rapid destruction. As a result, when we visit the mechanic, we will need to replace the brake pads and the brakes disks, which will increase our repair costs.

The brake pads
The brake pads

It's not worth saving for security

The use of friction material to a level below 3 mm translates into a drastic reduction in vehicle braking efficiency. As a result, in the event of sudden braking, it may turn out that there is not enough space to stop the vehicle safely.

It is not worth saving on security. Too late, replacing brake pads can cause much higher costs - not just financial costs. In an extreme situation, when the worn brake pads are also accompanied by a worn disc that is too worn, the pad can come out of the brake calipers, ie. to get her completely out of the brake, in other words. The result of this type of situation is a complete loss of the ability to brake the vehicle. The consequences are really easy to imagine.

The brake pads
The brake pads

As a result, drivers should regularly check the status of the brake pads, preferably as part of a seasonal tire replacement. Checking the condition of key parts for the braking system will allow us to avoid not only the higher costs of visiting a mechanic in the future, but also to significantly increase the level of safety while traveling.

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