Citroen C3 2009 - 2016 - overview of problems and malfunctions

Citroen C3

Citroen C3

Year of production: 2009 - 2016. Redesign: 2013.
Forerunner: C3
Heir: C3
Class: city car
Competition: Renault Clio, Volkswagen Polo, Seat Ibiza, Peugeot 207
Models: 5 door Euro NCAP hatchback: ★★★★ (2009)

Advantages - Citroen C3

+ comfort
+ 3,94m maneuverability, C3 remains versatile and short turning radius is interesting
+ Cab: stylish and well presented, the quality is much better than the first generation, although some competitors are better
+ Fuel consumption

Mane - Citroen C3

- Visibility backwards, visibility is poor backwards, but fortunately it is compensated by large mirrors.
- Sound insulation: only diesel engines, hard for ears above 110 km / h.
- Lack of quality in the interior
- Robotic gearbox BMP5

Recommendation - Citroen C3
Gasoline engine:
1.4 16V
Diesel engine:
1.6 HDi

Citroen C3

Citroen C3

Review of faults and failures - Citroen C3

Second generation Citroen The C3 includes many elements and engines of the previous generation Citroen C3, reducing the number and severity of failures. However, it's not all pink, at least until the end of 2010. Later is much better. In any case, the problems are not repeated frequently, but rather sporadic.


  • The Citroen C3 1.4 gasoline engine causes the cylinder head gasket to fail, causing the coolant to blend with the oil. Keep an eye on the white smoke from the exhaust, and the oil in the coolant pan. It can happen already after 30000 km.
  • For diesel fuel leaks around the injector bay, the smell of diesel can be felt. It is usually necessary to reach the nozzles.
  • Quick wear of the rear shock absorbers.
  • Some vehicles with gasoline engines have a crack in the coolant tank.
  • In operation, air conditioning for vehicles manufactured by early 2011 due to inadequate compressor mounts creates an unpleasant sound, but no talk of damage.
  • Diesel owners are facing problems with the DPF filter and floating flywheel. Pay attention to loss of power, smoke or noise and shaking when moving and accelerating.
  • Rare cases of bomb burns prematurely in petrol engines 1,4 73.
  • Sometimes noise from the drive belt HDI 1.4, often due to the tension of the same belt. Check and adjust drive belt.
  • Idle idle, hesitation / interruption. Defective Crankshaft Position (CKP) sockets. Check the date of manufacture at the CKP. If the date code is 3156 or greater, the CKP encoder is correct. Replace if necessary.
  • Engine coolant temperature indicator illuminates. Cracked ECT sensor housing, defective ECT sensor installed. Access the ECM error memory and clear the error codes. Check the condition of the coolant temperature sensor (ECT). Replace if necessary. Check that the coolant temperature (ECT) sensor type is correct. Replace if necessary.
  • Incorrect sound from the gear belt space. Water entering the gear belt covers causes corrosion. Replace the timing belt with the tensioner pulley.
  • PETROL 1.4 8V - Faulty idling, loss of power, improper ignition, engine running on 3 cylinders. Water entry into the electrical installation of the injector from the windshield washer nozzles. Access the ECM error memory and clear the error codes. Install the modified windshield washer nozzles.
  • DIESEL 1.4 HDi - Does not start. Error code stored in engine computer error memory (ECM) P1197. Fuel check valve blocked in open position. Air inlet to fuel injector return pipe seals. Install a new fuel non-return valve. Check the fuel injectors for possible errors. Replace the fuel injector return pipe seals if necessary.
  • DIESEL 1.4 HDi - Starting error. The smell of diesel from the engine compartment. The fuel supply line is tared to the air filter and / or the intake manifold. Install a modified shielded fuel supply line. Attach the fuel supply line as needed.
  • DIESEL 1.6 HDi - Loss of power, engine failure indicator (MIL) illuminates. Rattle from the turbocharger. Too much exhaust. Internal turbocharger (TC) fault. Inspect the engine for internal damage. Repair as needed. Install a new turbocharger.
  • ALL TRW BRAKE MODELS - Loss of brake efficiency, uneven braking, accelerated disc wear. Poor quality of front brake lining. Installation of modified front brake linings.
  • ALL MODELS WITH ELECTRIC SERVO DEVICE (EPS) FROM 04.12.2007. - Heavy duty electric power steering (EPS). Faulty electric power steering (EPS) torque, poor connection between electric power steering (EPS) control module and multi-connector. The multi-connectors of the assembly must be installed correctly. If the multi-connectors are installed correctly, replace the electric power steering rail (EPS).
  • ALL MODELS EXCEPT 8HY (DV4TED4) ENGINE - Loss of drive, gears cannot be selected. Broken gear selector mounting bolt. Apply a thin layer of lubricant to the new gear selector fixing bolt. Install a new fixing screw to the gear selector bracket.
  • DIESELS 1.4 HDi - Sound of metal pounding from the front right side of the vehicle when starting or stopping the vehicle or when starting. The air conditioning (AC) pipe hits the chassis. Place an insert between the air conditioning pipe and the chassis.
Citroen C3

Citroen C3


  • For 1.1 and 1.4 petrol engines, the engine failure indicator light is inexplicably lit. The problem is solved by reprogramming the motor electronics.
  • Often a very inaccurate representation of the amount of fuel in the tank can improve the reprogramming of electronics.
  • For vehicles with automatic robotic gearboxes occur with inadequate gear shifting, a faulty control program is often to blame.
  • Phone connectivity issues over Bluetooth.
  • Common problems and improper parking sensor operation.
  • ABS control indicator illuminates. Wheel speed sensor encoder and ABS contaminated with corrosion and dirt. Check the error codes and delete if necessary. Thoroughly clean the ABS wheel encoder and encoder.
  • ALL DIESELS - Does not start, battery low. Water enters the fuse box / relay plate in the engine compartment. Electrical installations are rubbed against the chassis. Place the waterproof cover on the fuse box / relay plate in the engine compartment and the spongy protection between the electrical installations and the chassis.
  • ALL DIESEL - Engine coolant temperature control indicator illuminates, but the engine temperature gauge reads normal. Switching on the air conditioner affects the operation of the engine coolant temperature control lamp. Faulty engine coolant fan motor relays. Replace all three relays.


19/04/2010 Revocation due to front axle problems
16/09/2010 Revocation due to hood lock problem.
22/09/2010 Revocation due to possible fuel leakage.
20/05/2011 Revocation due to power system issues.
14/07/2011 Hand brake recall.
11/08/2011 Recall result of problems in seat belt system.
02/09/2011 Revocation due to engine installation error.
11/10/2011 Airbag system fault recall.
19/03/2012 Revocation due to power system issues.
06/07/2012 Revocation due to ABS / ESP system issues.
11/02/2012 Revocation due to problems with the braking system.
07/06/2013 Revocation due to poor rear window installation.
26/02/2014 Revocation due to possible fuel leakage.
13/03/2015 Recall due to steering mechanism issues.

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    citroenc3 gasoline will not accelerate when clutching, which could be

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    i have a problem on c 3 consumes electricity for 5 days when not driving drains battery, battery put new ,?

  • Djordje of Bajcev says:

    C3 Picasso 2010 1.4 petrol vti starts the engine fault and sometimes there is no even operation of the engine as if it works on three cylinders and at the same time starts the cooling fan that stays on for ten minutes and after turning off the vehicle even though the liquid temperature does not exceed 75 degrees. undo the error, the fan does not turn on and has normal operation…

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