Bmw X3 F25 2011–2017 - used, experience, price

BMW X3 F25
BMW X3 F25

The Bmw X3 F25 is the second generation of the compact crossover from Munich. The car was introduced in 2010 and brought a touch of freshness to the X models.

Since 2010, the Bmw X3 has become almost a copy of the larger model. Of course, the modest dimensions of the X5 F25 are 4648 mm long (8 cm longer than its predecessor), 1881 mm wide and 1695 mm high. The modern SUV has room for 5 passengers in comfortable conditions (lack of comfort was a problem of the E83 generation). The interior of the X3 has changed a bit - the quality of materials has been improved, innovative technological solutions and new systems have been added, and customers have been offered many new interior design options.

Its competitors are primarily SUVs of German premium brands such as Listen Q5, Mercedes GLC or Porsche Kitty cat. In 2014, the Bmw X3 F25 received a facelift. In addition to the elegant headlights, additional assistance systems and new diesel engines have been introduced.

BMW X3 F25
BMW X3 F25

And there is still a huge, 550-liter boot and a three-seater rear seat (40/20/40). There is a small storage area under the boot floor. There is also an option to open the fuel filler cap in case of an emergency: for this, remove the panel to the right of the boot. Many vehicles have an electrically open tailgate. Her trigger sometimes gets stuck. Most of the cars offered have a lot of equipment, but the configurations are different because almost everything has to be charged. The most popular add-on is the center-screen iDrive.

Bmw X3 F25 - engines

The Bmw X3 F25 can be powered by one of six engines. The range of petrol engines opens with the xDrive20i version, which delivers 184 hp from a turbocharged, four-cylinder engine. The xDrive28i variant is stronger - the six-cylinder engine develops 258 hp. At the top of the list of petrol units in the X3 F25 is the xDrive35i, which thanks to a dual compressor generates as much as 306 hp, which allows it to reach 100 km / h in 5.7 s and acceleration to 245 km / h. Diesel engines are also available. The first of these is the very economical xDrive20d - an average engine of 5,6 l / 100 km with 184 hp. The range also includes xDrive30d (258 hp) and xDrive35d (308 hp and 630 Nm of torque). The Twin Turbo unit assembled in the xDrive35i has been awarded in several competitions that evaluate engine performance. No matter which engine is in the F25, power is always transmitted to both axles. The vehicle can be equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission or an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Bmw X3 F25 - problems and errors

  • throb: the problem returns even after replacing this component under warranty
  • insufficient lubrication in the engine 2.0 Turbo 245 hp: this is probably a disadvantage with the oil pump, the effect is to accelerate the turbocharger wear and the appearance of oil consumption
  • problems with opening a trunk
  • low center screen durability, deep scratches quickly appear on it
  • Like most modern cars, the X3 also does not tolerate long periods of disuse. The battery is discharged (and does not have an easy life due to the Start-Stop system), which causes not only startup problems but also electronics errors.

Bmw X3 Second-hand Price - Second-hand view

BMW X3 F25 (2010-2017): technical data and performance

20 28
35 18d
30d 35d
Motor gasoline, turbo gasoline, turbo gasoline, biturbo turbo-diesel turbo-diesel turbo-diesel turbo-diesel
Engine displacement 1997 cm3 1997 cm3 2979 cm3 1995 cm3 1995 cm3 2993 cm3 2993 cm3
Cylinders / valves R4 / 16 R4 / 16 R4 / 16 R4 / 16 R4 / 16 R6 / 24 R6 / 24
Max. power 194 KS 245 KS 306 KS 143 KS 184 KS 258 KS 313 KS
Max. torque 270 Nm 350 Nm 400 Nm 360 Nm 380 Nm 560 Nm 630 Nm
Performance (manufacturer data)
Max. speed 210 Km / h 230 Km / h 245 Km / h 195 Km / h 210 Km / h 230 Km / h 244 Km / h
Acceleration 0-100 Km / h 8,2 s 6,7 s 5,7 s 9,9 s 8,5 s 6,2 s 5,8 s
Average spending 7,0 l / 100 Km 7,9 l / 100 Km 8,8 l / 100 Km 5,1 l / 100 Km 5,6 l / 100 Km 6,0 l / 100 Km 6,1 l / 100 Km


  • Srdjan says:

    Dear Mladen,
    The table states that the 20d engine with 184 hp was installed in the period from 2010 to 2017, which is incorrect.
    Namely, since 2014, the F25 has been fitted with a 2.0d engine of 190 hp, 400 Nm, and with slightly better acceleration (8.1 sec).



  • Milan says:

    BMW X3 F25 2017 say in the service that you do not need to change the oil in the automatic transmission. Only if you really insist, so I'm interested in another opinion

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