BMW X3 2004 - 2010 Used car, advantages, disadvantages


Bmw X3

The BMW X3, SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) is a five-door car and was first introduced in 2003 as a smaller version of the BMW X5. Unlike its predecessor, it is a few inches lower.

You can choose between six engines, four of which are petrol, and the most prominent among them is the most powerful BMW X3 xDrive 35i. The 306 hp six-cylinder engine reaches 6,2 km / h in just 100 seconds and has a top speed of 250 km / h. All BMW X3s are available with a six-speed transmission as well as a fifth-speed automatic transmission. At the end of the summer of 2012 comes the new base model BMW X3 xDrive18d with rear-wheel drive and a four-cylinder diesel engine with 143 hp with a consumption of 6,4 l / 100 km.
The strongest diesel on offer is the X3 xDrive35d with 313 hp and a six-cylinder engine.
The average consumption of diesel engines is 9 liters per 100 km and gasoline 11 liters per 100 km.

A special feature of the BMW X3 is that it has (up to sDrive20d) all-wheel drive which has set new standards in terms of agility. The system immediately recognizes when power distribution is needed and reacts in a very short time, enabling optimal driving.
The X3 is not a real SUV, but rather a sport utility vehicle. Its agile steering had to be offset by something, and that was unfortunately a ride comfort.

The trunk of the BMW X3 can hold 420 liters of luggage, almost like in the X5, while the space in the rear seat is significantly less. Standard equipment includes head airbags and side airbags, ABS, anti-slip system and automatic braking system, while the list of accessories is long.

Models produced in the first year of production are not very high quality in the interior. The paint on the plastic parts can peel off, and it can even cause various cracks in the interior. The BMW X3 is a very reliable car, but towing large and heavy trailers is not recommended as the clutch may overheat. Wear of bearings and springs on the rear axle, oil loss and improper operation of the parking brake can also occur. Despite this, the X3 is a very reliable car. Models that had problems with the steering and a faulty high pressure pump is BMW revoked and replaced.


Technical characteristics

Manufacturer BMW
Model X3 (E83)
The year of production 2004. - 2010.
Variants 5 door crossover
Length 4565 mm
Width 1853 mm
Height 1674 mm
Trunk capacity 420 L
Curb weight 1660 kg.
Permissible load (kg) 540 kg.
Wheelbase 2795 mm


Advantages - BMW X3 E83

  • Top chassis
  • Big trunk
  • Reliability

Mane - BMW X3 E83

  • Bad diesel filter (until 2005)
  • Interior finish
  • Knee space in the back seat

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