BMW 7 Series E65 2001 - 2008 - Used, advantages, disadvantages

BMW 7 Series E65

BMW 7 Series E65

BMW the 7 E65 series was produced from 2001 to 2008. The BMW 7 E65 sparked much controversy due to its radical change of appearance and problems with the iDrive, so buyers rushed to buy a predecessor, the BMW 7 E38.
However, the BMW 7 E65 has broken sales records, making it the best-selling 7 Series ever, especially after the 2005 facelift.

The suspension is aluminum to preserve weight and increase ride quality.
The shock absorbers use adaptive damping that adjusts the suspension depending on road conditions and driving style.
Optionally, self-aligning air dampers can be ordered for the rear of the car to further enhance ride comfort.

BMW 7 Series E65

In this series, we can see several new generation V8 and V12 engines. The 8i's V745 engine develops 333 hp, accelerating to 100 km / h in 6.3 with combined consumption of 11.4 l / 100 km.
The 735i, 3.6 engine develops 272 hp, while the other engines have an existing 3.0 six-row that develops 231 hp, 3.0d turbo diesel six-row 184 hp, and 3.9 turbo diesel V8 with 245 hp.
V12 engines, which are built into the 760i and 760Li models. (Li stands for longer model), they develop a power of 577 hp, it takes 5.4 s to 15.5 and average consumption is 100 l / XNUMX km.
In the seventh series of BMW, for the first time ever, a sixth-speed automatic transmission was installed, which brought it advantages such as faster acceleration and lower fuel consumption.

BMW 7 Series E65

The interior design is as disappointing as the exterior design. Designers have sacrificed classic BMW design for a more traditional look and now the interior looks like furniture.
The BMW 7 E65 was larger than its rival at the time (Mercedes Benz S, Audi A8…), so the roominess of the car was at an enviable level, and if it was not satisfactory for someone, an extended version (Li) could also be ordered.

Some of the more common failures and code problems BMW 7 E65:
Problems with overheating in 730d models
The 730d also has turbocharger failures and plastic wings in the inlet duct, which can cause collapse or severe damage to vital engine parts
Poor rim finishes, so they can peel off after a while
The loud sound of the wind flowing around the skylight
The buttons on the center console often pop out

The most common mistakes regarding electronics are:
Problems with the iDrive system
Common problems with the GPS system
Occasional fuel pump error message (everything is fine)
Frequent failures of hydraulics used to open and close the boot
On the first BMW 7 models, the alternator malfunctions or malfunctions (gives too little voltage)
Logic 7 sound due to too much amplifier can damage the speaker membrane
Common problems with power windows and window keys.

If you opt for the BMW 7 Series E65 check:
engine, the first models were too loud, and some models kept quiet when changing gears, which was corrected by software updates
electricity, there were a lot of problems with the navigation system functioning. The factory has posted updates several times.
wheels, most owners opted for the big 19 ″ wheels that gave this BMW a muscular look. But when changing the price of tires is too high.
ignition, ignition problems occurred in the first series
the door , in the first series the remote key had a small range, which was corrected later by using the second frequency. The battery is charging while the key is in the lock.

The BMW 7 is an incredibly powerful car, with only the BMW 730i struggling with vehicle weight, but with plenty of success. Other models simply swallow asphalt. The reliability and refinement of the engine is at a high level, while long-term driving does not require the effort of the driver. This BMW is designed to be driven and enjoyed. Still, the comfort will not be as some have expected because of the hard suspension and sporting ambitions of this sedan.

We liked the BMW 730d the most economical, powerful and quiet. But even it has an iDrive system, as well as an unusual layout that will require future owners time to adjust.

Technical characteristics

Manufacturer BMW
Model Series 7
The year of production 2001. - 2008.
Variants Limo, LWB
Length 5029mm/5169mm
Width 1902 mm
Height 1491 mm
Trunk capacity 500 L
Curb weight 1805 Kg - 2255 Kg
Permissible load (kg) 500 Kg
Wheelbase 2990mm/3129mm

Advantages - BMW 7 Series E65

  • Hydrogen version as drive
  • Endurance
  • Udobnost
  • Equipment
  • Spaciousness

Flaws – BMW Series 7 E65

  • High cost of vehicle maintenance
  • Problems with iDrive
  • Appearance (especially interior)
  • Electronics problems


Owner car in this sector means everything. The BMW 7 Series is a true luxury leader with a more aggressive stance and appearance than its main rival, the Mercedes S Class. If you can handle the unusual iDrive design and system that will hardly be understood by our senior citizens, the BMW 7 is the right car for you. On the road this car is really impressive and deserves admiration.


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