BMW 5 E60 - fuel filter replacement

BMW 5 E60 - fuel filter replacement


While its predecessor shares many similarities with the 7 Series, the Bmw 5 E60 was different from the other Bmwa's produced at the time. The Bmw 5 E60 is longer, wider, heavier and bigger than the previous model, which means more interior space.

The Bmw 5 represents a significant step forward in technology compared to the previous generation. The controversial iDrive interface is used to control many aspects of the Bmw 5.

The Bmw 5 is a mid-sized German machine that targets both the sports sedan market and luxury sedan buyers. Bmw can always count on good performance, comfort, the latest technology and great prestige. The fifth-generation Bmw also has these features.

The Bmw 5 with its sporty design has kept its shape extremely well. The tooth of the weather is virtually unaffected by it and remains an extremely attractive car. With modern multimedia equipment it is ahead of the competition. Before buying, check for some typical mistakes that occur especially in diesel engines. Avoid poorly maintained automatic transmissions, which can lead to significant costs.


The overall design of the Bmw 5 E60 is different from the previous model. The outside is much more rounded.

The Bmw 5's cab has a very modern look and the materials are of excellent quality. All controls and touch switches are easy to select, the center console is not cluttered with buttons thanks to the iDrive system, which controls major functions (such as audio, navigation, Bluetooth, etc.). Improved 2007 iDrive system is even simpler. The build quality is superb, the spacious cabin and the modern interior of the Bmw 5 Series which is why it is so popular and highly rated by its owners.

Four stars on Euro NCAP crash test result Bmw 5 E60 is below the average of five-star Audi, Mercedes and Lekus rivals.

In 2007, a facelift was made Bmw 5 , however, without major alterations. The bumpers and interior have been changed. The biggest change was under the hood, namely, some engines were upgraded and some were completely replaced with new ones.

bmw 5 the car is very well protected against rust, corrosion problems can only occur in areas of improper body repair. Interior quality is also excellent. Furniture and plastic retain quality beyond years of use. The quality of the finish is undoubtedly a great advantage of the Bmw 5 E60.

Driving the BMW 5 is similar to any five, so I would say as with any BMW, though you will have a hard time making the rear part "dance" because of the huge amount of electronics.

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