Bmw 3 E90 2004-2011 - Fault overview Bmw 3 E90

Bmw 3 E90

Bmw 3 E90

bmw  The 3 E90 is considered to be a very popular car in the used car market. A wide selection of used cars is also easier to choose the right one. Before buying, you need to check a few key mistakes that marked this series. Particularly problematic can be poorly maintained diesel models.

Year of production: 2004-2011, restailing: 2008
Models: Sedan, coupe, convertible, station wagon
Successor: Series 3 (F30)
Competition: Audi A4, Mercedes Benz, Lekus IS Volvo S60
Security: ***** Euro NCAP is (2005)

Advantages - Bmw 3 E90

+ Road behavior, direct steering
+ Engine range
+ Consumption
+ Equipment
+ Soundproofing

Mane - Bmw 3 E90

- Comfort, the rear seats are cramped
- Finishing, declining compared to previous generations
- Ergonomics
- Dimension
- Problematic diesel engines

Bmw 3 E90

Bmw 3 E90

Fault inspection - bmw 3 E90

If the BMW 3 Series has enchanted with its advantages, it is not impeccably reliable. Gasoline engines are not the worst, but diesel, especially 4-cylinder can have very serious and expensive failures. After the restyling, and even better after 2010, bigger problems became rare. We must therefore, if your budget allows, favoring models with 6-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines, the most praise, regardless of age.

  • Bmw 3 E90 - on 318d 143 and 320d 163 and 177, problems with the turbine, which can fail at 80.000 km (in some cases at 60.000 km).
  • Common problems with gasoline injection and ignition engines.
  •  The Bmw 3 E90 N47 2.0 diesel engine, due to long oil change intervals, has a problem with the camshaft chain, which in some cases breaks, which can cause severe engine damage.
  • Occasional problems 320d model with plastic flaps in suction branch.
  • Problems with the 335i's automatic transmission computer, which if used frequently in second gear, start to create annoying vibration and noise. And in other versions, automatic transmission does not prove reliable.
  • Common problems with the steering wheel from which oil is leaking.
  • Frequent floating flywheel failures on diesel models. At 318d, 320d, and less frequently at 325d and 330d, the flywheel should be replaced too soon (and thus the entire clutch), due to noise or breakage of the flywheel. It can occur on very small kilometers (less than 50 km), but also about 000 km.
  • Common camshaft sensor failures mainly on 2.0 gasoline engines due to oxidation.
  • Spotted fuel leaks on 330D models.
  • High Pressure Pump Problems on 330i and 335i.
  • Common problems with the original towing hook.
  • Regular diesel thermostat problems (EGR valve thermostat and engine cooling thermostat).
  • Loud and unpleasant driving with Run on Flat tires.
  • Like previous generations, diesel injectors create a problem of 80 km.
  • Engine Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) illuminates. The engine shuts off after a cold start. Syringe problem. Install new injectors. Program when injecting in the engine computer (ECM).
  • MODELS WITH CODE N51 / N52 / N52K- Pounding from the top of the engine after a cold start or frequent short trips. Air in hydraulic lifts. Check that the oil level is correct. Start the engine and let it warm to operating temperature. Proceed as follows up to 5 times: Increase engine speed to 2000-3000 / min and hold for 3 minutes. Let the engine idle for 15-30 seconds. Check that the engine is running. If throbbing is completed after the above procedure: Increase engine speed to approximately 2000-3000 / min and hold for 15 minutes.
  • MODELS WITH CODE N43 / N53 - Engine fault indicator (MIL) illuminates. Restless operation and occasional engine failure under load. Defective injectors. Test the injectors and replace if necessary.
  • MODELS WITH CODE N54, FROM 04/08. - Auxiliary drive belt broken. PAS pump pulley or auxiliary drive belt in contact with the subframe when driving over lying cops. Inspect the PAS pulley pulley for damage. Replace damaged components (subframe, bracket, pulley)
  • MODELS 335 D, CODE 30 6D 5 - Engine Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) illuminates. Engine oil leakage. Seal on the pipe between the turbocharger (TC) and the intercooler cooler. Install a new gasket on the pipe between the turbocharger (TC) and the compressed air cooler.
  • MODELS M3 4.0 - Engine fault indication light (MIL) illuminates. The engine runs irregularly and occasionally loses power and goes into forced operation mode. Inside, the idle air adjustment valve (IAC) intake pipe has failed. Test electronics and mechanics components (as needed) to eliminate other possible causes. Check that the IAC idle air control valve is clogged and clean if necessary. Clean debris from the suction system, replace parts if necessary.

Car body

  • Often the door handles remain stuck in the open position, they must be replaced.


  • Intense wear of the plastic interior trim on the door and steering wheel panels.
  • Cracking of plastic window lifting elements. It is necessary to change the whole mechanism.
  • Vomiting or buzzing from the engine compartment with the air conditioner on. Power steering vibration between 900-1100 / min with air conditioning on. Air conditioner system malfunctioning or faulty. Improperly charged climate. Fill the air conditioning system with the correct amount of refrigerant.


  • A common problem with the tire pressure monitoring system.
  • Frequent malfunction of the bomb on gasoline engines, the bomb does not give a spark.
  • Frequent failure of the pressure sensor (G201) in the ABS unit,, the elimination of faults is expensive because it requires replacement of the control ABS unit.
  • Problems with cab fan resistors, which could lead to a fault in discharging the battery.
  • Common problems with vehicle installation, which can lead to automatic door locking, radio locking, stop flashing the signal in the lock and unlocking the vehicle.
  • GPS. Some owners had to change their multimedia / GPS systems after errors in it. In the worst case, replacement is necessary.


28/11/2006 Possible loss of brake assist.
14/02/2008 Sensor malfunction door airbag system.
30/06/2009 Airbag and Belt Tensioner System Error.
30.07.2012 stability system error.

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