Auto parts - Do I need to overpay / save on auto parts?

Car maintenance involves many costs. Some things can't be saved, but there are many parts that in most cases are not worth buying more expensive.

Some drivers try to save where they can, but there are some who buy the most expensive ones. The truth, as often happens, lies in the middle. There are things that are definitely worth the extra pay. Tires are a great example. The rather high prices of new tire sets make drivers want to save up and buy cheaper products. However, keep in mind that four tires are the only element that connects the car to the surface and are crucial when it comes to safety.

The situation is similar for most parts related to driving safety. These are, for example, suspension elements that will allow for better adhesion while also being more durable. However, there are parts that are regularly replaced that are simply not worth the overpayment. It should be noted that this is not about buying the cheapest parts, the quality of which can often be questionable, but only about adhering to the recommendations of the car manufacturer.

Candles -Auto parts

Auto parts
Auto parts

Standard spark plugs recommended by the car manufacturer will suffice. All the more so as many car manufacturers offer products from well-known and proven companies. You can often find some cheaper alternatives. However, if it is not about tuned engines, it makes no sense to buy more expensive spark plugs. They will not affect the operation of the engine and will only mean a higher cost.

Ignition cables -Auto parts

In terms of ignition, the situation is similar with cables. The cheapest replacement parts can cause problems, but the average price is definitely enough. The use of high quality ignition cables will not affect the operation of the engine.

Motor oil

In the case of oil, the most important thing is to follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the parameters and timing of replacement of the engine oil. If the product has the required certifications, it will certainly work properly. More expensive oil will not significantly reduce fuel consumption, it will not extend replacement intervals, so there is no savings. If you want to take care of the engine, consider changing the oil sooner than the manufacturer recommends, rather than buying a more expensive product. This cost can slightly extend the life of the engine.

More expensive fuel

Auto parts

As with oil, it is necessary to pour the prescribed fuel. It is worth monitoring the information on the fuel quality of the pumps.

In the case of gasoline, if the manufacturer does not inform himself, there is no need to refuel 98 octane. Even in strong sports vehicles, we usually find information that although 98 is recommended, 95 octane is sufficient.
It should be remembered that the engines are designed to run with such gasoline.

Air filter

Auto parts

Car tuners often decide to replace the air filter for the better, because it's quick and easy. It must be admitted that it has a positive effect on changing the sound of the engine, but that doesn't always make sense. First of all, standard filters will easily provide adequate air supply even after increasing engine power by a few tenths of a percent. However, sports versions of this element can cause many problems.

Often they get dirty faster, so the effect is opposite to the assumed one and provides less air. Standard filters are generally designed to take in cool air outside the engine compartment. After replacing this element, it is not uncommon to combine how to provide the same effect. A popular solution is to set the filter low above the ground, but in this case there is a moisture problem during the rain or the bar.

Pumping tires with nitrogen - Auto parts

Tires are important, but even here, not every cost makes sense. The offer of inflating tires with nitrogen has become increasingly popular - which of course costs money. What is the idea of ​​such an operation? Nitrogen ensures longer tire pressure and is more stable at high temperatures. No wonder it is used in race cars (e.g. in Formula 1).

However, in the case of conventional road vehicles, this does not make sense. There is no extreme tire warming, and the profit from using pure nitrogen (78% in the air) is relatively small. In the case of air, tire pressure needs to be checked more often (but it should always be done), and if we want to fill up with nitrogen, we won’t do it for free at the gas station.


If the cheapest wipers fit evenly along the entire length and have no problems wiping the glass, the additional cost for the most expensive wiper models may not make sense. More expensive wipers will be slightly better, but will often be several times more expensive. However, the high price will not significantly affect durability. Unfortunately, this is an element that needs to be changed regularly. Even more important than buying an expensive set is to take care of what we have - especially in winter, you can, for example, pick up the wipers, so that you do not separate them together with ice in the morning.

Brake Fluid

You do not need to save on security, but you also need to know what actually enhances it. A standard brake fluid will easily provide braking performance under normal conditions. For more extreme working conditions, more expensive products exist. Therefore, if you do not ride the sport, there will be no brake fluid overheating. During daily driving, a higher product will not improve braking. If you want to improve safety this way, you should consider changing the brake pads and discs.

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