Opel Astra H 2004 - 2009 - Used, experience, failures

Opel Astra H

Opel Astra H

In the used car market, the Astra is a safe and relatively inexpensive choice.

The Astra H was a revelation, its enormous improvement over the annoying style of previous models, its success in ridding itself of the diseases of its predecessors, F and G, and righting its not-so-flattering reputation.

Opel  The Astra has always been somewhat overshadowed by VW Golf, despite its many advantages and its very good price. When it was launched in 2004 Opel Astra H the third generation of the popular hatchback, the car market seemed to have the ambition and strength to seriously undermine Golf hegemony. The Russelsheim car is a major breakthrough for the company and shows a modern design combined with high quality performance, which immediately became its strong trump card, which attracts many fans. By and large, the Opel Astra H is truly becoming a car that is now more affordable and sought after in the used car market, attracting a modern look and a variety of engines and bodywork.

In the half-car market, the Opel Astra continues the tradition of the famous Cadet, having recently experienced the fourth generation and has started to compete with its compact competitors in the market. Its strength is also a good relationship between the purchase price and the quality of workmanship and equipment. Users praise German reliability. Although omissions are happening, but astra, even older generations are still in good shape.

The Opel Astra is a reasonable German compact previously linked to average driving performance and the prospect of attracting customers for cheap running costs. The third generation of this model is a small revolution, which has a dynamic design and more powerful engines, but also higher maintenance costs.

The Opel Astra H has never been able to seriously shake the VW Golf bestseller, which has to do with its qualities and the bad reputation of its two predecessors.

There are five body styles to choose from.

Opel Astra H

The material of the Opel Astra H is good, while the layout is ergonomically deficient. The vents are located on top of the center console, which means that the stereo and ventilation switches are low, plus the climate controls are confusing.

There is a huge amount of space in the cabin, and even with the front seats back, there is still more than enough space. The entrance to the rear trunk is compromised by large tail lights. The boot has 350 liters.

The stereo is very good. All models except the base have a seven-speaker audio system with stereo radio and CD player.

The interior of the Opel Astra H is seeing tangible progress on Opel's quality of materials used, especially over the previous generation of models. However, especially in samples from the first years of production of the Opel Astra H, one can often hear noise or rattle from the dashboard, especially around the steering wheel. In keeping with the look of the board, the Astra H also showed an interesting design, though a little rough and too much plastic. The coolant temperature indicator is missing. Replaced that lamp, which lights up when the engine overheats (hopefully not too late).

In addition to the sleek interior, the Opel Astra H has a solidly built and fully galvanized body, which offers no chance of corrosion (forget those Opel and rust stories). However, before buying the Astra H it is advisable to look in the chrome strip on the back where corrosion sometimes occurs, but it is more cosmetic in nature. Another feature of the place you should not miss is the top front suspension, where constructive interference collects water and rust occurs.

Six airbags and a stability control system are standard on the Astra. At the Euro NCAP crash test, the model in terms of passenger protection, including child safety, was convincing. All in all, that was enough for a maximum rating of five stars.

Opel Astra H - Engines

Opel Astra H

Opel Astra H

The Opel Astra H engine list is wide and the list has included as many as 22 different engine versions over the years.

The choice of engines is wide, some are new, some have been significantly modified and some taken from the previous model. It starts with a 1,4-liter 85hp petrol engine, with a 1.6-liter 100hp and a 1.8-liter 125hp. Two 2,0 liter turbocharged engines are also on offer for the sports versions, at 170 hp and 200 hp. The base level, 1.4 and 1.6 liter engines use the TVINPORT technology originally seen on the Corsa. In January 2007, the standard 1.6 liter engine was upgraded and an even faster turbocharged version of the same engine was offered. The three diesel engines are available in 1.7 liter 100 hp and 1,9 liter 120 hp, plus the more powerful 150 hp 1.9 liter engine developed by Fiat.

The smallest gasoline engine with a displacement of 1,4 liters and a power of 90 hp, is sensitive to the quality of the oil that needs to be changed on time, otherwise you risk damaging the hydraulic chain tensioner.

The most popular petrol engines are 1.6 with 105 hp and 1,8 with 125 or 140 hp. They are provided with a toothed belt, which changes along with the tensioners and rollers. It is recommended that every other water pump be replaced, replaced. Gasoline engines have TVINPORT technology designed to save fuel - under partial load, blend fuel into the cylinder through one of two intake valves. However, the system suffers from problems, the shut-off valves of 4 of the 8 intake valves refuse to operate over time.

Rare are the 2,0 liter turbocharged engines that give great performance and will certainly be a very good choice if you like sporty driving. Of course they have pretty high fuel consumption.

Diesel engines have traditionally been a better option to buy Opel The Astra H. The small 1.7-liter CDTI engine is proven to be reliable and very economical, and offers more than adequate torque. There are complaints about the oil pump with this engine, but they are an exception and a problem with the starter. The desired but bigger problem is the 1,9-liter CDTI diesel with 120 hp and 150 hp. It offers very good dynamics (especially 150 hp). Slight fuel consumption, but often suffers from problems with the valves in the intake manifold, water pump and alternator. It often clogs the soot filter, especially if cars are being driven around town. The weakness in both diesel engines is the EGR valve, which is very sensitive to the quality of the petrol, there is also a problem with the turbine and the floating flywheel.

All versions of the Astra H have front-wheel drive only, which can be transmitted via a 5 or 6-speed manual transmission or an Easitronic automatic transmission.

The Opel Astra H is equipped with an advanced suspension system. It was the first car in its class to feature Continuous Damping Control (CDC), electronically controlled shock absorbers that continuously adjust the road surface and driver style. It's all part of what the Opel Astre Dub 'Interactive Driving System' (IDS) can integrate all electronic functions in a way that is a good deal smarter than you think. Despite all these high-tech touches, the Astra still uses torsion at the rear instead of the sophisticated multi-link used by Volkswagen and Ford. While GM executives claim that this system provides good handling and emits less cabin noise, the more powerful Astra variants do not display some flaws in this logic.

Models equipped with the Easitronic automatic transmission (five-speed) have problems with it, and they pretty much malfunction. Its clutch requires regular adjustment (at least at 15 km), otherwise it is not easy to shift, which can cause flywheel damage and clutch - complicated and expensive repairs.

Opel Astra H

Model History - Astra H:

2004: Premier Astra III compact 3-door body (also known as the GTC coupe) and 5-door and station wagon, 1.4 petrol engine (90 hp), 1.6 (105 hp), 1.8 (125 hp), 2.0 Turbo (170 hp). 2.0 Turbo (200 HP), 1.7 CDTI Turbo Diesel (80 HP), 1.7 CDTI (100 HP), 1.9 CDTI (120 HP), 1.9 CDTI (150 HP);
2005: 1.8 petrol engine (140 hp), 1.3 CDTI turbo diesel (90 hp), sports OPC version 2.0 liters (240 hp), Zafira minivan
2006: 1.6 petrol engine (115hp) and 1.6 Turbo (180hp) TvinTop version (coupe - convertible)
2007: Restailing, 1.7 CDTI turbo diesel (110 HP), 1.7 CDTI (125 HP) 4-door sedan version
2008: Turbo Diesel 1.7 CDTI ecoFLEX (110 HP)
2009: Prime Minister of Astra IV

Opel Astra H - breakdowns and problems

The ECU is located in the front left wing in front of the wheel arch trim so it can become vulnerable due to water penetration.

The most common problems with the Opel Astra H are engine electronics failures, including faulty modules.

Opel Astra H 1.4 16v Twinport engines suffer from the problem of loose camshaft screws as well as the 1.2 16v Twinport engines in Corsa. The series from the engine factory in Spain appears to have been identified, with all engine numbers starting at 19F *****.

1,4 and 1,6 twinport problems with the Dis module have been reported, when the vehicle crashes and the engine error light comes on.

With the Opel Astra H 1.6, the petrol engine often malfunctions the coils.

For gasoline 1,6 with 105 hp and 1,4 with 90 hp, the most common intervention is nozzle cleaning.

With the twinport engine, the problem with the throttle position sensor is the intake manifold, which because of the dirt does not provide additional air when the engine is most needed.

All engines except 1.4 petrol and 1.3 CDTI turbo diesel have a gear belt as the drive. Care should also be taken when replacing this unit after less miles than stated in the manual. If you bought an Astra III and are not sure when the timing belt was replaced, replace the timing belt immediately to avoid serious consequences. By the way, ask the mechanic after how many miles to replace the gear belt again.

The clutch shakes on the 1.6 and 1.8 engines, most likely due to the crankshaft rear crankshaft leakage.

In case of gasoline, the submersible pump in the tank fails.

With a 1.3 CDTI engine fitted with a soot particle filter, excess diesel fuel that had to be burned and regenerated by DPF may leak and end up in the crankcase, gradually raising the crankcase oil level to such an extent that the engine begins to run on it and the engine cannot be stopped and therefore the engine is destroyed.

A two-liter diesel engine is a problematic alternator and flowmeter.

For vehicles equipped with a 1.3 CDTI engine and manual transmission, cracks may occur on the transmission housing.

1.9 diesel may be good to drive, but it has problems: EGR valve failure. A clogged DPF filter causes the turbine to malfunction. Gear belt problems, often due to water pump failure.

With 1.9 CDTI diesel engines produced by early 2007, frequent turbocharger failures occur.

For diesel engines, especially the 1.9 CDTI, a growing number of owners are facing float flywheel cancellation.

For diesel vehicles with DPF filters, pay attention to the condition of the filter and the frequency of regeneration.

For vehicles with a 1.7 CDTI engine, frequent clutch master cylinder leaks.

Common problems on all diesel engines with clogged EGR valve, soiled ERG valve leading to premature failure of turbocharger and DPF filters.

All vehicles face poor quality rubber hoses for coolant.

For vehicles with automatic transmissions, there is an example of coolant leaking into the transmission.

Problems on ecoFLEKS gearboxes. When choosing 1st gear, you actually get a reverse gear.

Float flywheel malfunction, "shaving" noise can be heard when clutch pedal is depressed.

We do not recommend the choice of Easitronic gearbox suffering from electronics failure.

Air conditioners, you should definitely check all the features, hoses for leaks and the correctness of the compressor when buying.

All models have problems with the CIM module (steering wheel module) errors: the symptoms will not turn on the lights and wipers.

The glass on the door mirror turns out.

Water leaking through the front door: “Water leaks down the cables inside the door to the bottom speaker of the door-mounted radio, then leaks around or over the foamed rubber gasket and then into the cabin. The remedy is to remove the door panel and remove the 3 speaker fixing screws on the door, remove and remove the speaker, then carefully cut off everything. Sealing foam stuck to the speaker.

Wiper motor and wiper mechanism failures appear to be very common.

The fuel level indicator in the tank wants to show incorrect information.

Radio does as it wants, Opel in the meantime replaced the radio supplier.

The air compressor shuts itself off.

The siren does not work when the lights are on.

Water penetration into the front and rear headlights.

Hard to replace headlight bulbs in headlights.

Front ends are most commonly affected by the inner ends of the clamps and vertical stabilizers.

The front wheel bearing changes with the ABS sensor.

For Astra H, H7 bulbs are fired in headlights.

The headlights over time, lose their luster and fade.

In the first models, corrosion often occurs on the lower machine and around the lower edge of the door and sills.

All versions are faced with poor quality alternators, which fail after 80 km.

Owners reported frequent engine starter failures, the problem is not as common as with the alternator.

Common problems with original radio, which does not respond to user commands or automatically turn on (2004).

In some vehicle series, damage to the pressure sensors in the brake system occurs.

Electrical problems are common to all light models, fuel indicators, and central locking.

Opel Astra H

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  • Milos says:


    I have an Astra H 1.4 petrol, and I am satisfied with the reliability. I ran 100k km in 7 years.
    As for the malfunction, I was just changing the end of the link to 80k. There was literally nothing to break.

    In terms of comfort, I think it's a total failure. I made more mileage with the audi a3 and peugeot 206, the astra is noticeably more uncomfortable.
    I would point out another major flaw, on the highway at speeds higher than 110, the sound insulation is much worse. I don't know if there is something factory-made on my car or is it because I bought the basic model.


  • Sinisa says:

    Also, the Astra 1.4 petrol gas, 2009, great, but started to trot. The reason is not throwing electricity on the first cylinder ??? Help….

  • Angel Taseski says:

    Hi iama Opel Areta h 1.7.cdti 2006 and i noticed that it emits like some black smoke and a bit like some black powder and it is all like a frosty consistency.

  • Miodrag Jovanov says:

    I have an OPEL ASTRU H, with a 1,6 liter petrol engine, and I'm very pleased!
    So far, only the front leaf stabilizer has been replaced!
    I regularly service it in an authorized OPELA service!
    I bought it in 2009 that year, and in 2008 it was
    So far I have traveled about 95 km with her

  • zoran says:

    Regards to all
    I have a problem on the ASTRI H 1.8, it doesn't work when the headlights are on. Is there any help here?

    • Mario says:

      Probably a problem in the CIM steering wheel module. Do the radio controls and other steering wheel buttons work ok?

      • Dragan says:

        Try two or three strong punches to the right arm of the steering wheel… do not break the controls on the steering wheel… the problem is in the comb..contacts between the steering wheel and as soon as the module..standard malfunction on the Astra h… .in 50 percent of cases it lasts

  • Astra gtc says:

    Do you install gas or hydrogen in Opel Astra gtc 1.6 2007? recommendation for a reliable service and which system to choose? Thoughts? Thanks in advance everyone

  • Opel Astra H says:

    I have a problem with a 1.6 Opel Astra H 2004 Twinport. At low rpm around 1500 to 2000 cuts and the engine and the CHECK ENGINE light bulb are not working well. I have been to various masters, everyone is winning. I changed the bombs, my mother-in-law, two probes I cleaned the EGR valve and still the same problem. Did he have a similar problem and what to do?

  • zoran says:

    I have a problem with ASTROM H 1,8. I stopped in front of the store on the 31st, watched for ten minutes, got back in the car the steering wheel did not unlock. He acts like he has no key. I bring the other the same. There's a car from last year in front of the store. Except for the blind service, is there any help.

  • Armin says:

    why did you omit the aster h 1.9 74 kw?

  • Zoran says:

    specifically I have a problem, but only sometimes (not always) with the shaking of the front end of the vehicle when starting the vehicle from first gear, the slight release of the clutch.
    Has anyone had a similar experience and can there be any other cause besides the clutch?

  • Zoran says:

    I forgot to say that the previous comment was about the Astra H 1.6 Twinport 2005 petrol

  • David says:

    Opel astra h 1.7cdti 92kw restajling?
    Thanks in advance

  • Seaside says:

    Astra h 2005, when I unlock the car and put the ignition on, it automatically turns on the radio and all 4 flashers, in addition, drain the battery if it stays for two days. Is there any help for her?

  • Goran says:

    The Astra h 1.6 twinport 2006, 175000km sometimes twitches slightly as if it were slightly choking when I submerged the throttle. Diagnostics shows 111301 and 111306 codes. Do you know what this is about and what to do? Thank you.

    • V says:

      Purely for information. Astra H 1.6 twinport 2006. easytronic 330k still drives. The gearbox electronics still work, but the 1st gears are worn out and now sometimes fail to kick in.
      T coolant hose leaked to 320k, 100k replaced ignition switch, 220k engine mounts changed.
      The climate consumes a lot of engine power.
      Otherwise a very durable car.

  • Mile says:

    The worst car I've ever driven consumes oil, and this has been confirmed to me by several Astra H owners, of those few, two owners bought the Astra as a new vehicle, and Opel's declaration says oil consumption of up to 0.7g per 1000km is allowed. is that normal Horror… Before that I had three Citroens and a Peugeot, the quality of driving should not even be discussed, uncomfortable and rigid, bought with less mileage, paid nicely, not imported, well maintained, this should not happen, Peugeot as before the vehicle covered some 450h km, from replacement to replacement it did not consume even a gram of oil, all in all a total failure.

  • DDD says:

    This is my next car 🙂
    Astra X, 2008 diesel, I found it for 2000 euros. Next week I buy it and change my Corsa 2004, which served me great 🙂

  • Radjevac says:

    If anyone needs any parts for Opel, I have them

  • Saul Goodman says:

    Had an Astra H 1.3 cdti 2008 year old station wagon, was very satisfied, great car, now I drive an Astra H 1.8 station wagon with built-in gas, I enjoy every kilometer traveled, extra car

  • Ivan says:

    I have an Astra H 1.7 cdti hatchback diesel with which I recently had an accident in the front but not an excessive group but only the front end to the cooler. So I am interested in your opinion on whether the Astra G 2.0 station wagon diesel has the same or similar parts so I can replace defective parts, type-cooler, fan or air conditioner, what is it and similar little things !? Thanks in advance!!! IVAN

  • i have an astra h 1,7cdti 2008g. excellent. . I had a problem: water appears under the passenger's feet, only when it is raining (?). when I dry everything in day two in the wind, I water the car with a hose for half an hour and there is no water inside ??????? . this is the third time I've taken the sic out of the car, finished the carpet, dried it, watered it. . I can't find it. . note that all hoses are working, do not lose any water (antifreeze)

    • Srdjan says:

      Dude, let the water through the door, go to the speaker next to the window and so the water comes in, take off the upholstery and take off the foam in the door, clean everything nicely and solve the problem.

  • Sweet says:

    If there is a problem with the temperature, it will not rise. I thought it was a thermostat so I replaced it I put a new VERNET. When driving in the city, the temperature is between 45 and 60, and with the old one it was 70-80. The reason I replaced it is that I was not very happy with the heating in the car. What is worse is that now the heating is weaker than before and the temperature does not rise to the operating temperature. What can happen and does something damage the car if it does not reach operating temperature. By the way, the car is an Asta H 1.7 ecoflex '09.

  • Aba says:

    Opel Astra h 1.6 2007 something is right under the plastic wipers on the passenger side when the car is running I even watched the heating engine that there is no problem in it but it is not What can it be thanks in advance!

  • Bato says:

    I have an ASTRU H 1,7 CDTI, 2005. While driving, my anti-slip light and the car's fault light come on and at the same time the gas is taken away, ie the car is idle. I have to stop the car and turn it off. After a minute I turn on and continue driving. First time
    when it happened, it reappeared after three days. However, this did not happen again for a couple of months, only to be repeated several times, ie. every few kilometers. It happened to me again three days ago, so I had to stop 15 times on the road of 5 km, which is not sometimes
    convenient because an extension needs to be found. I went to the master to ask, but specifically
    I did not receive an answer as to what was in question. If anyone knows anything about this please write to me.

    • Miroslav says:

      Dude and I had that problem. Drive the car to the boss, the question is the valve on the high pressure pump, the master took 100e from me, he did not remove the pump on the spot.

  • maxymo says:

    Hello, astra gtc 2008g, 1,4 petrol, the problem turns on all four turn signals (alarm) on its own, and it locks and unlocks on its own in the parking lot, currently it only helps to remove the terminal from the battery, did anyone have a similar problem what could be a problem

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