Ford 1.8 TDDi / TDCi engine

1.8 TDDi / TDCi engine

Ford 1.8 TDDi / TDCi engine

The 1.8 TDDi engines debuted in the Ford Focus I. Its history is much older - the engine dates back to the Ford Sierra (1.8 TD). The 1.8 TD engine had good performance, consumed little fuel, but users complained of problems with starting in winter conditions, premature wear of the piston links, cases of sudden cracking of the timing belt. In 1998, on the occasion of the presentation of the Ford Focus, it was decided to modernize. The modernization was successful - most of the weaknesses were eliminated.

Problems with starting in winter were solved by direct injection. 1.8 TDDi has electronically controlled injectors. The 1.8 TDCi with common-rail injection system operates quietly but is more sensitive to fuel quality.

Gear belt problem solved. A smaller toothed belt connecting the crankshaft to the injection pump has been replaced by a chain. There is only one short toothed belt connecting the injection pump to the camshaft. This solution is more reliable. The only problem is that during the production period, Ford changed the shape of the teeth of the pulleys and belts, making it difficult to properly select the parts. If you make a mistake the engine will work, but after 20 to 000 km there may be problems. A properly mounted gear belt should withstand more than 30 km.

Initially, the engine used a Delphi fuel injection system. It wasn’t perfectly durable, but it also didn’t cause much trouble. The advantage is the low cost of corrections. The use of Siemens piezo injectors since 2004 has reduced the failure rate to almost zero, but if there are any problems - the price of the injectors is high. 2004 The 1,8 TDCi engine is modified (Common Rail II generation piezo injectors - Siemens system).

When it was introduced in 2007 Ford Mondeo 4, it turned out that the 1.8 TDCi diesel engine be its base engine. To adapt the engine to the larger car, its power was increased to 125 hp. The 1.8 TDCi engine was never offered with a soot particle filter.

The engine has a fairly simple structure and the number of common failures is relatively small.

Injectors and other components of the injection system have proven to be of high quality. Oil leakage problem, cause of seal damage. TDDi engines, experience major engine failure (usually after 200 - 000 km). The problem with the piston elements (eg flying bearings), requires a general, complete overhaul of the engine.

With 1.8 TDCi engines, the flywheel can withstand typically 100000 130000 km.

Fuel filter clogging. In the event of temporary loss of power, indicating serious problems with the fuel injection system. In practice, this can be easily resolved - just replace the fuel filter.

The TDDi motor has a problem with the ECU pump. This is a typical defect, which usually occurs after 120 - 000 km.

Camshaft sensor - symptoms when starting the engine, flashing heater lamp, usually a problem with starting a warm engine, (when the engine cools down the problem often disappears), inability to start the engine.

Injector - the engine goes into safety mode during acceleration, starting problems, uneven engine operation, flickering heater lamp. There are two possibilities for repair - repair and purchase of a new injector, there is a recommendation to replace the high pressure pipe when replacing the injector.

Connecting the turbocharger pipe to the radiator - signs of loss of engine power and uneven operation, and if the damage is greater, you can hear a hiss when you lift the engine hood. Replacement of pipes with a new one.

Turbine - means loss of power, rather intense smoke from the exhaust, increased oil consumption. The durability of the turbines used in TDDi and TDCi engines is at a good level. The scope and cost of repair depends on the damage to the turbine.

Ford 1.8 TDDi / TDCi engine

Version 1.8 TDDi - 90 1.8 TDCi - 100 1.8 TDCi - 100 1.8 TDCi - 115 1.8 TDCi - 125
Injection Direct injection Common rail Common rail Common rail Common rail
Engine displacement 1753 cm3 1753 cm3 1753 cm3 1753 cm3 1753 cm3
cylinders /
of the valve
R4 / 8 R4 / 8 R4 / 8 R4 / 8 R4 / 8
Engine power
Hp / rev. in min.a
90/4000 100/3850 100/3850 115/3700 125/3700
Max. craft
torque Nm
200/2000 240/1750 280/1700 250/1850 300/1750

Models with 1.8 TDCi motor:

  • Ford Focus I: 08.1999-11.2004
  • Ford Focus II: 01.2005
  • Ford Mondeo MK4: from 03.2007
  • Ford Focus C-Max: 01.2005-12.2010
  • Ford S-Max Galaxy: 06.2005-12.2010

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