1.6 dCi engine (Renault) - Opinion, problems and malfunctions

1.6 dCi engine

1.6 dCi engine

The 1.6 dCi engine is another one on offer Renault which we take under the microscope. It is worth noting at the outset that it is a movier construction.
This is a 4-cylinder, 16-valve Common Rail direct injection design (Siemens piezoelectric system). It is supported by a variable geometry turbocharger, floating flywheel clutch and team drive. There is also a soot particle filter. We add that the presented dCi offers 130 hp and 320 Nm of torque.

Problems and malfunctions - 1.6 dCi engine

Interesting, modern Renault the engine does not suffer too many major errors. The French have taken a significant step forward in this area. The Siemens injection system is seeded with Denso injection, resulting in much better durability. The chain as a drive is another sign of longevity, but caution should be exercised here with cases of fast chain pulling. Rarely, however, are there problems with the cylinder head gasket. The electronics turn out to be a bit fast-paced.

Operation - 1.6 dCi engine

This Renault diesel engine is compatible with the Start / Stop system. This is obviously a relatively young engine, but this aspect certainly fulfills optimism. Another thing is the proper use of modern diesel engines. Short-distance driving can greatly reduce the life of the engine and its components.

Drivers praise the 1.6 dCi for its flexibility and decent power, which ensures good dynamics even with heavier French-brand models. Many drivers also praise the fuel economy, which typically fluctuates around 5-6 liters per 100 km.

Should 1.6 dCi be recommended?

This is undoubtedly one of the best Renault models in recent years. Of course, this is a relatively young engine, but the current engine situation gives it a bright future.


  • Vlada says:

    Good day ! I'm curious what engine 2.2 diesel skyactiv 150 hp is for you in the 5 Mazda cx-2014 ?!
    Respectfully, thank you!


    good day
    please try to help me…
    i have nissan qashqai 1.6 dci 2010
    water accumulates in the rear position light… I took off the mask and tried to dry all the plastic part, but I can't dry everything because it is unavailable. Why, in your opinion, this happens and only in that one light… they remained ok…
    how to solve that water does not accumulate… please help
    thanks in advance, have a nice day
    claudio from UMAG

  • Nedjeljko Bokšić says:

    I would ask for information I have an Opel Vivara biturbo 1'6 I have a problem somewhere I lose a little water every maybe a hundred kilometers I need to refill the children water I drove the car with some masters nowhere water drops and water disappears a little vehicle 2017

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