1.2 Renault TCe engine - experience

1.2 TCe Renault engine
1.2TCe Renault engine

1.2 TCe the engine can be found in Renault, among others Clio-ui Megan-u. What are your opinions on this engine after years of operation? What typical problems can you expect?

The 1.2 TCe engine was introduced under the hood of a third-generation Renault Clio, according to the mechanic, it is considered an extremely successful construction.

1.2 TCe motor - advantages

The most popular version is the 118 hp version for the Clio and Megane (both models are used), more than enough performance and reasonable fuel economy.

Based on the 1.2-liter engine built over the years, the French have developed a version with a turbocharger that fulfills the assumptions of reducing exhaust emissions. Unlike the competition, multi-point fuel injection, sequential injection, was introduced, which made it possible to install a cheaper gas installation. The engine is also not sensitive to fuel quality.

 The drive is realized by a chain that does not actually require periodic replacement. Specialists recommend only periodic inspection.

Regular changes in engine oil and filters every 10-15 thousand kilometers have a positive impact on the life of the chain as well as on the turbocharger.

1.2TCe engine - reviews

 The 1.2TCe engine is one of the most successful engines in its category. It can withstand up to 200-250 thousand kilometers without major problems. With proper maintenance, the risk of major failures is low. Service costs do not overburden the user's pocket.

1.2TCe engine


  • timber says:

    Rubbish from the engine (turbo petrol 1.2 with 130 hp)! They say that there are tens of thousands of complaints only in Europe and that there is a team of lawyers hired to sue Renault and protect customers!

    • Damir says:

      I drive it in a kayak 1. 2 tce 130 hp stopped 130 000 without a problem 🙂

    • Johnny Cabin says:

      "They say there are tens of thousands of complaints"? So you are one of those who listen to the stories of liars in front of the store and now you are transmitting that "mind" to us on the Internet. Thanks for nothing.

      • RS says:

        ma lupa for a medal, they say, he must be from Vagenovac, so he got popizditis that he sews them in all segments, but while there are lots of those who have a golf car, there is no winter for the Swabian car industry.

  • Goran says:

    I own a Megan 4 vehicle with a 1.2TCE 100HP engine where it consumes oil in 4 years from the very beginning and now it has reached a consumption of 0,4l per 1000km. So far I have covered 50.000km except for the problem I have with oil consumption I had no other. 0.5l per 1000km when it expires from the warranty, they made it nice.

  • Sinisa says:

    Trouble with morning ignition or if standing longer. He has been with the master for seven days and it is not known what he is?

  • Goran says:

    I own a Renault Megan 4 1.2tce 100hp, I want to express my dissatisfaction because I have a problem with oil consumption.
    The car was bought new in the French salon in Jagodina in June 2016. I want to say that from the very beginning I have been suffering from oil consumption, which is increasing from year to year. 0.4km. It started with a consumption of 400 km per hour, it consumed 1000l per 25.000 and now it consumes 0.2l per 1000km per 53.000 km per hour. oils gave me the answer that consumption is normal according to the parameters as Reno regulations up to 0.4l of oil per 1000km.I want people to tell you buy a new car and you have to carry a canister of oil in the trunk. oil, and the amount of oil that fits in the engine is 0.5l.

  • dex says:

    with so much oil, a small service is not even needed, the crankcase fits 4.6 liters, 6 liters are added

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